Wishlist Wednesday: Nail Polish Edition

One thing I’ve been really into for 2016 is painting my nails. I haven’t been buying nail polish for a few years so when I took off my acrylic nails, I was so accustomed to having nice nails that I started just doing them myself. The bonus is I can even change the colour as often as I like and not have to wait 3-4 weeks+ for my next fill! I suffer from colour commitment issues so when it comes to bottles of nail polish, the more the merrier.

As I’ve been rediscovering and adding to my collection I have noticed some voids in the colours I have, as well as made some discoveries online of some super pretty colours that I will be more than happy to provide a loving home to. Since the list has been growing I thought it was a perfect opportunity to make another Wishlist Wednesday post, this time focusing around all the bottles of nail polish I hope to add to my shelf over the next few months!

DCW01_Display 1

  1. The ENTIRE Fall 2016 OPI collection. The Washington DC collection is a collaboration with Kerry Washington with nods both to the capital city of the USA and the television show Scandal. It has all the makings of a good, classic Fall collection (reds, oranges, browns) with some blue/greens that are almost unheard of for OPI. Okay, it’s kind of unrealistic for me to want the whole collection so I’ve picked some favourites that I have my (heart) eyes on.


2. “Liv” In The Gray. I love grayscale “colours” on nails. I think it looks cool and classy and pretty much looks good on everyone. I really like this charcoal gray and feel like it would totally fill the present gray void in my collection.


3. CIA= Color Is Awesome. This colour IS awesome. It’s a very pretty slate gray/ blue that I think is very different from much of what OPI has done in the past. I love blue nail polish the most of all and I think this would be a very classy way to go about it.



4. Stay Off The Lawn!!. Next to blue nail polish, green is another favourite. Green is my actual favourite colour and I’ve been slowly adding more of it to my wardrobe. I do have a couple similar shades of green but the way this is almost a turquoise makes it unique and a lovely fall colour, but would be great around Christmas as an alternative to red.


5. Suzi- The First Lady of Nails. Because I dealt with A LOT of OPI nail polish over the three years I worked at a nail salon, I always pay attention to which colour names give a nod to Suzi Weiss Fischmann. This colour is similar to “Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window” (aka simultaneously the best and worst nail polish colour name ever) as a generally “not done” olive green. I find that olive green generally isn’t a popular colour, but slowly it seems to be growing on people. My eye colour is olive green-esque so I try to bring it into my wardrobe when I can (my grad dress was olive green!) and I think it’s a very unique nail colour. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely mine!


6. Never a Dulles Moment. Not gonna lie I had to google “Dulles”. But now I know and am informed. Yellow has recently become one of my favourite colours and I think it’s a really unexpected and unique nail colour. I have a neon yellow but a normal yellow is definitely needed. Yellow nails (not a phrase that generally sounds appealing haha) looks amazing on people with tanned/ darker skin tones (which I do not have) but it’s something I really like and want to be able to rock. I have worn “I Just Can’t Cope-acabana” from the Brazil collection but I think this more warm, golden toned yellow would be a bit more flattering.



7. Gelato On My Mind. While we’re on OPI, let’s do a bit of a throwback to the 2015 Fall collection… you might remember, it was that one that seemed more like a Spring collection. I adore this colour and have been tempted to do it so many times and see it constantly at Winners but never got it done/ bought it. It’s just such a pretty ice blue that I honestly don’t know why I haven’t. Now it’s on The List and so it has to happen!

8. Purple Palazzo Pants. This light purpley-pink was also part of the 2015 Fall collection. It is definitely a colour that makes you think of Spring, but it’s very pretty and I think it could work year round. I was torn between this and “La La Lavender” which I wore before (and I think is the most complements I’ve gotten on a nail colour ever) but I kinda like the more purple-y-ness of this one better!


9. China Glaze That’s Shore Bright. Speaking of purple, this is PURPLE. I do love OPI but when it comes to neons, China Glaze wins every time. This colour looks phenomenal in all the pictures I see of it and I think it’s a real statement colour. I haven’t seen it in stores before but I will definitely keep my eye out!


10. China Glaze For Audrey. Okay, throwback time. I was a big fan of the Babysitters Little Sister series back in the day, having the first 103 books and four of the “super specials”. One of my favourites in the series was “Karen’s Twin” (I just googled it to make sure I was getting the title right (I was) and it’s number #45 for reference. HERE‘s the cover… I hardcore wanted that taxi sweater like you would not believe). The plot of the 45th instalment of BSLS was Karen’s classmate, Audrey, copying her to become her “twin” like the twin girls in their class. I always liked Audrey (even though she got a little crazy) and I really liked the name Audrey. Mostly because if you say my name “really fancy” like most of my French teachers did, it sounds like “Audrey-anna”. So this colour, besides being a totally gorgeous Tiffany blue-esque shade, is one that I’ve had multiple times on both fingers and toes and it’s beautiful on both. I love the name and the colour and just don’t have it in my collection yet. Crazy, I know.


11. Essie Now and Zen. Again with the grays. This is more of a light gray/ almost silver and is from Essie’s Fall 2016 collection. I think this shade is great for autumn but would work for any season as well… and go with pretty much any outfit which I am all about. Because you know I’m the kind of person who feels physically uncomfortable if my clothes don’t match my nails…. but what can you do?



12. Smith & Cult Stockholm Syndrome. This falls under the “YouTube Made Me Buy Want It” category. Ashley (MakeupTIA on YouTube) once included this in a favourites video and had shown it on her Instagram a couple times. I think it is such a cool colour. Plus Smith & Cult packaging is what dreams are made of. I feel like it’s a good neutral but not your typical taupe/ warm gray.


13. ORLY Melt Your Popsicle. This picture does such a disservice to this insane colour. I have ORLY’s Glowstick (the aforementioned neon yellow) and this is the neon orange counterpart and while orange is another one of those colours I am a bit scared to put on my nails, I think it would be a really fun and unexpected colour. Since summer is now over, the neons might be sitting on the shelf for a few months but I really think this would make for super fun Halloween nails!


14. Julep Adrianna. I am a SUCKER for niche marketing. As the girl who had a pen that said “They Didn’t Have My Name” in elementary school it was always a sore spot that all the Alisons and Julias and Nicoles in my classes got to have cute necklaces and keychains and other such things with their names emblazoned across it. Over the years my parents have found two little touristy license plates on their excursions to Mexico and the Caribbean, Dynamite had a jean style called “Adrianna” (I tried them on but they looked dreadful so I stole the tag… sorry), and I once got a necklace that had my name with one ‘N’ like the physical embodiment of the “you tried” star. I stood there in disappointment with “All By Myself” dramatically playing off in the distance as I watched Erica buy her name in the Buxon lip polish and bond with the Sephora cashier over how she too bought her “name” in the lipgloss. (Granted, I kind of lovingly forced her to buy it so I could live vicariously through her and her accessible name). BUT WAIT THERE IS A NAIL POLISH WITH MY NAME. STOP EVERYTHING. This is very, very exciting. I actually discovered this by googling “Adrianna Nail Polish” out of pure childish fantasy and wishful thinking and THERE IT WAS, MY DREAMS COMING TRUE IN PISTACHIO GREEN. To be honest it would be on this list regardless of the actual colour ( I am just that fickle), but it’s the colour of a green tea frappucino so I am sold. Or it will be.


15. Julep Taurus. As I said before, I’m a sucker for niche marketing. And I’m an even bigger sucker for anything tailored to astrological signs. The educated, practical side of me knows it’s total nonsense when something says product X is for people born under Taurus, but you can bet your bottom dollar this bull is going to very seriously consider buying it. I think this kind of marketing is genius and after seeing so many metallic nail colours coming to the forefront for Fall 2016, this unique colour belongs on my shelf. I feel kind of brainwashed because I saw that people bought it even though they had a different star sign and I was appalled. I can’t even defend myself there. The other colours are pretty cool too (I think the Cancer one is especially fancy) but I am a true loyal, stubborn Taurus so my nail colour has been decided by the stars.

Thanks so much for reading this post! What are your must-have nail polish colours? If you’d like to check out my other wishlist posts, you can find them HERE! Have a great day! 😀


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