Wishlist Wednesday: Sephora VIB Sale 2017

It is finally time. Twice a year Sephora has a sale, but the better of the two falls in November where VIB and VIB Rouge members can get 20% off of their entire purchase. That means, essentially, that every item in the store is on sale. Hair dryers? 20% off. Perfume? Yup! Ridiculously expensive skincare sets? That too!

So as part of the Wishlist Wednesday series I have on my blog, I have posted the things I’m considering grabbing with that coveted 20% discount. If you’d like to see my previous posts on VIB sales, those are available HERE! 🙂

Last year I was actually VIB Rouge, while this year I am just VIB. As of right now I haven’t even renewed my VIB status for next year since I have been making an effort to keep the purchasing to a minimum until the sale. If you’d like more information on Sephora’s loyalty program and the associated tiers, you can check that out HERE.

These are the items I am considering for my 2017 winter VIB sale purchases… there are some repeats from previous years because I am a creature of habit and kind of predictable. But anyway… here we go!


  1. URBAN DECAY: Naked Heat Palette ($66). I decided I wanted a warm toned palette this summer. I got the Sweet Peach Palette at the spring VIB sale but this year so many brands have been coming out with beautiful warmed toned palettes which normally scare me, but now since playing around with the Sweet Peach (AKA warm tones for beginners) I am intrigued. I had been planning on getting this guy at the November sale all summer and when I saw the Tartelette Toasted palette that recently launched, I thought nothing of it… until I was seeing tutorials and comparisons between the two. Maybe the Naked Heat is too harsh for me… maybe I’m kidding myself with all the darker, bold colours… so many reviewers say if you only get one, go for the Tarte! And… I had convinced myself that’s the route I was going to take.The Naked 3 and Tartelette in Bloom are literally my two favourite palettes, and while I also have the Naked Smoky (grabbed it at Ulta for $28 which was a big personal win haha), I love the size/ shape/ smell of the Tartelette. The problem was, so many reviewers would preface their comparisons with something along the lines of, “we all have a million warm toned palettes and you have all these colours already etc etc etc”… except I don’t. My palettes are all pretty much cool or neutral toned, except for the Sweet Peach which I’d say is mid-to-warm. I don’t have that Morphe palette that everyone has. I don’t buy little quads or individual shadows. So I figured the best thing to do was to go to Sephora and compare them in person with the Sweet Peach palette as well. In my mind this was really easy since Sephora usually keeps their best-selling palettes all together near the checkout (at my store at least) but (MISTAKE) I went on the first day of the sale for VIB Rouge members and the store was chaos and had been totally reorganized since I’d last been in. So when I say I went around the store and grabbed the Naked Heat, Too Faced Sweet Peach, and Tartelette Toasted palettes… it is A LOT easier said than done and was a scene out of a Black Friday horror story. Anyway, with my friend’s help we decided that the best palette with the most unique shades while still being complimentary to (and not duping) the Sweet Peach palette, was Naked Heat. So that’s what I’m going with. Sorry for the novel.
  2. BUMBLE AND BUMBLE: Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Conditioner ($42). I usually get sets like THIS ONE as well as a full size of the conditioner because it is my ABSOLUTE favourite. But it’s hella expensive. This time around I’m just going to get the conditioner (I’ve been going back and forth with the shampoo as well but probably will pass) because I still have the oil from last year and a full thing of the primer. If you haven’t tried these yet, though, I definitely recommend grabbing one of the sets!
  3. BITE BEAUTY: Agave Lip Mask ($30). I got a mini guy of this in a Bite Beauty introductory set a couple of years ago and LOVED it. Last year it was on my wishlist but at the last moment I changed my mind since I have been using and loving Aquaphor. All summer my lips were super chapped to the point where I just need a bit more help, especially now that winter is coming. I’ve been using a sample size of Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner, which I really like but I’d rather support Bite Beauty since their products are natural and Canadian. Bite also has Agave Kisses Lip Collection as a new product this year where you get a mini of this lip mask, their lip scrub, and lip balm for $24. It was originally what was in my cart/ on my wishlist but I decided that I didn’t need another lip scrub and the balm was so small it wouldn’t me very last long. So, full size lip mask it is!
  4. BITE BEAUTY: Multistick in “Mauvember” ($28). Since 2015, Bite Beauty has been coming out with a lipstick in support of the November foundation, around this time each year. I purchased both of them and of course, need to complete the trifecta. The twist is that instead of just changing the shade a bit like they did last year, Bite is launching it in their Multistick and Liquified Lipstick formula instead. Initially, I was really disappointed as I generally prefer normal lipstick formulas but after seeing some Instagram posts, I’m intrigued about this shade as a Multistick, which can be used on lips, eyes, and cheeks! I have three of the Liquified Lipsticks, too many of their normal lipstick bullets, and only one mini of the Multisticks… so here’s to trying new things and supporting a good cause!
  5. CLARISONIC: Replacement Facial Brush Head ($30). This is kind of a boring purchase but I need a new brush head for my Clarisonic. I stopped using mine when I went on Accutane and didn’t feel like I should start using it again with the same brush head that was on it before. Also they’re freaking expensive so 20% off helps.
  6. GLAMGLOW: Let in Glow! Supermud Set ($79). Oh Glamglow. I’m pretty sure a set like this is in my wishlist post each year and I never end up pulling the trigger because it’s so dang expensive. Instead, I usually just go for the small pot of Thirstymud (the blue tube in this set) because it is THE BEST. However, I haven’t tried the other three and essentially you’re just paying for the Supermud (the silver tub) and getting the three tubes for free. But we’ll see how it actually goes when the time comes.
  7. KAT VON D: Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in “Thumbelina” ($24). This specific shade isn’t available online yet (you can see the existing Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shade range HERE) but it is the red shade in the above pictures. The four colours are part of a capsule collection where part of the proceeds go to benefit Farm Sanctuary, an organization dedicated to protecting and rehabilitating farm animals. I think that is amazing but I wouldn’t use all four colours as they were originally launched (as a limited edition set) and thus would be wasteful. However, they’re being launched individually on November 14th and I’ve been eying the KVD shade “Outlaw” for a long time, but this cause (and OMG THE NAME) is making me go for the limited edition colour. The four shades are being released the day before the sale ends so I’m hoping to grab it then! If you’d like to learn more about Farm Sanctuary and this collection, KVD Beauty has a video on their YouTube channel talking all about it with some swatches as well!

(All prices are in CAD and do not include the 20% discount)

The VIB Sale is November 10-15th (VIB Rouge was last weekend but Rouge members can shop the VIB sale dates as well) and can be shopped in store or online (with the code 20forVIB) an unlimited number of times. Well… depending on your bank account. The VIB sale is also a great time to grab any Christmas gifts you know you want to get friends and/ or family members and save a bit of money!

Are you planning on shopping the sale? I’d love to know what things you’re going to pick up!

Thanks so much for reading!


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