Alternate Music Video: Change (Digimon: Ken Ichijouji)

I want my blog to act as a “portfolio” of sorts, curating things I have done/ made. The writing aspect of this has already been started but I feel like there are other things I have made for my social media during the past few years that I would like to start posting on here. This is mostly as a way to start an easy to access directory of everything without having to follow a huge list of link trains over dozens of platforms.

So, part of this is the “AMV” section. The official meaning of AMV is not what I originally thought it meant which is “Alternate Music Video” but this made up title suits my purposes so I’m going to use it anyway. Stick it to the man and all that… or not, whatever works.

The first AMV I will post on here is the first one I posted on YouTube back in 2009. Enjoy!

Song: Change by Taylor Swift
Topic: Ken Ichijouji/ The Digimon Emperor from Digimon Adventure 02

Let me know what you think!


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