Alternate Music Video: Stay Beautiful (Boy Meets World: Cory & Topanga)


The second video I made and posted to YouTube was an interpretation of Taylor Swift’s song “Stay Beautiful” (SO underrated!!) through the perspective of Topanga regarding her feelings for Cory in the 90’s TV show, Boy Meets World.

I made this video almost exactly seven years ago… March 11, 2009! Not gonna lie, the footage I used for my BMW videos is from a “complete series” DVD set I got off eBay that someone literally made from the episodes off the Disney Channel… logo and all. I was devastated and annoyed but I have since found all the legit DVD seasons and have the whole collection. Also, the yearbook quote that Topanga uses is what I put as mine! There’s some fun facts for ya!

Anyway, please enjoy!

Thanks for checking out this post! I hope you have a great day 🙂


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