August 2016 Through Phone Photos

August is over.

That’s actually a song title but it is something I’ve been moping about also. August was a bit of a crazy month, but also a really good one. Most of it was taken up by school and wrapping up the end of summer 2016 semester with exams and papers and everything in between. I got to spend a bit of time up at my family’s trailer and then after school completed, I was able to spend ten days up there. I haven’t been able to do that in YEARS.

One of the prompts for my 365 Blog Topic Ideas challenge is, Life lately through your phone photos, so I figured that sharing the contents of my cameraroll for the month would be a good way to get some closure on the month of August and share it with you!

At the beginning of every month, I get a new phone background from the Inkwell Press mailing list. I started out the year by Instagramming every one, but gave up around June. This is the start of my monthly routine.

August 1st is Odaiba Memorial Day, which is a day celebrated within the Digimon fandom as the day the kids went to the DigiWorld for the first time. I have a some group WhatsApp chats going and one is with a couple of my friends entitled “DigiSquad”. Since I deleted Facebook people can’t tag me in posts anymore so instead I get a lot of screenshots and WhatsApp automatically saves them to my photos. This was a pretty exciting one, the official announcement of the new dubbed version of Digimon Tri (part I) being shown in theatres across the United States. It was later released that it would be shown in select Canadian theatres as well, including four relatively close to where I live!

DigiAdventures is a different group chat that I have over Twitter with a couple of other friends. For Odaiba Day we decided to collaborate on YouTube and made a little challenge video. These were the categories of the challenge and I took a screenshot to help me when I was filming. You can watch my video HERE, as well as check out Katherine’s and Taylor’s. It was a lot of fun and they are both amazing.

My first little project of the month was to make a nail polish rack. I had acrylic nails for three years so I had little use for my nail polish stash beyond painting my (now) twelve-year-old neighbour’s nails. In January I ripped off my fake nails and spent the first few months of 2016 growing my natural ones out. For the first time EVER I have nice, natural nails and have been painting them on a regular basis. It was getting a bit annoying to lug out the Rubbermaid bin from under my bathroom sink and dig through the bottles every time I wanted to change the colour on my nails so I decided I wanted some kind of display for them in my room. Thanks to my super handy parents (with their fancy power tools) and a couple YouTube videos, I made myself a super pretty DIY shelf.

You can see the former home of my nail polish on the lower left. After being stowed in that navy blue tote, my collection is definitely getting an upgrade!

I recently purged my collection (I literally had bottles that were 20 years old) but have been adding some new colours lately. Since I took this picture at the beginning of August I’ve added two new colours as well! I’m really happy how the shelf turned out and it definitely makes painting my nails more fun (and tempting!).

Oh Pokémon Go. I’m hooked. And reached level 20 at the beginning of August, mostly just from playing on the commute to school (and sometimes during class. Whoops).

Here’s another Facebook screenshot from one of my group chats. A main concern around the dubbed version of the movie coming out was if the original voice actors were going to return. Most everyone’s number one priority was Joshua Seth as Tai, even though Joshua retired from voice acting and didn’t even resume his role in The Revenge of Diaboromon (one of the later movies that aired on TV in North America). So everyone was really excited that he came out of retirement just for Tri. Not everyone from the original series came back, but I’m excited and hopeful that the new additions will do justice to the characters.

Whenever I see things like this I always laugh and screenshot them so I can laugh again at a later date and relive the joy.

Instagram added the Stories feature and I tried it out. But then deleted it because I thought it was weird. But this was my first and only Instagram story.

Speaking of Sims, I got my family’s sixth generation into university. There’s about fifty of them in that generation, so it’s a bit harder than it sounds haha.

I’m going to be honest when I say I don’t like sports and don’t really watch the Olympics. If it’s on, I’ll tune in and root for Canada but when I saw this I felt a true soul connection with the original poster.

I got to spend a few days up at the trailer before having to return home for an exam (on a Sunday… what the heck) and of course, had to add myself to the gym there. I was playing with some friends so there were four of us on team yellow trying to kick team red out. We went back and forth about five times before we gave up and left.

After my exam I stopped off at the mall and as soon as I opened the app, several Pokémon popped up. As someone from the suburbs where it’s a real effort to find ONE Pokémon, this was definitely worth a gasp and a screenshot.

Since I had the house to myself for a few days, I decided to do some cleaning. My beloved black Toms are nearing their deathbed but I thought I would try washing them. Mostly since while I was camping I left them outside and found a giant trail of slug-slime running over the tops the next morning. But I left them up at the trailer so it never happened.

One of the highlights of my month was the Broods concert. They opened for Sam Smith when my best friend, Erica, and I saw him in concert and we just fell in love. My phone died (of course) so I didn’t get many pictures but Erica was the true star of the night and let me use hers so I could get my obligatory concert picture and video for Instagram. I have a Spotify playlist of all their songs HERE that I used for concert prep purposes.

I then had my second exam. Afterwards, I treated myself to a Starbucks Passion Iced Tea (mostly because the colour went with my Instagram theme… I know, I’m out of control).

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile (or any of my other social media) you’ll probably know that I love quotes. Something I started doing is screenshotting (it’s a real word, you know) good ones I stumble across on social media and then adding them to a giant folder on my computer at the end of the month.

After exams were over I got to rejoin my family at our trailer. This is also when I discovered that my dad had started playing Pokémon Go.  A few days later my mom was starting to feel really left out so she started playing too. Serious family bonding was going on and many Pokémon have been caught. It’s funny that my parents are more into it than I am… and that’s saying something.

One highlight of our PoGo experience was when we were sitting around talking. It was just past midnight and my dad showed me his phone and asked who the “critter” was that had popped onto the radar. I screamed DRAGONITE and my brother started flipping out and that is how my family ended up wandering around the freeway for half an hour in the pitch black. And we didn’t even catch him.

I caught Vileplume at the gas station. He is the highlight of my PokéDex this month.

Since I did a summer semester and am going to be doing a fall one as well, I get just over two weeks of summer vacation. This quote from Digimon popped into my head and it’s been my mantra. What do you mean I only have four days of holidays left?… I have a hundred years!

Another highlight of my mini-summer vacation was going to the waterslides. There are three main waterpark/ waterslides around Vancouver-ish. I went to one for my grade seven retreat and the second is right beside our campsite and is… pretty tame. We’ve been going there for 17+ years and we started going without our parents as soon as my youngest brother was about seven. Both my mom and dad have really bad backs so they never go on waterslides and thus, the third and the best one was never something we went to. I was invited with a group of people this year and it was a BLAST. That yellow thing on the right is like a giant half-pipe that you go down in an inner tube and I never would have done it before (it is called The Valley of Death!) but I totally did! It was wild, man.

August was a really fun month. Although it was pretty simple, I had a great time and made the most of my mini summer vacation!

So now it’s September! It’s crazy that we’re in the last few months of the year already, and even though I’m kind of sad that August (and my break) is over but I am excited to see what this month has to bring!

I hope you had an awesome month of August! What was the highlight for you? Thanks so much for reading this post!


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