Friday, September 9th, 2o16: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?



I took this picture on the way home from Hartford, Connecticut. I have always said that I don’t really have any “wanderlust”. I don’t desire to travel the world and I am all good just staying here, at home, for all my life just going on the occasional family holiday.

But I’ve changed a lot in the past year. I always used to get really stressed out about travelling, especially out of country, especially air travel. When I left for Hartford it was just me and my then nineteen-year-old brother (he turns twenty today, scary!) it was the first time I’d gone on an airplane where I was responsible and no one was meeting us on the other side. It was scary, and weird, and crazy. And so wonderful.

So I haven’t exactly come down with the travel bug, but I am more excited about travelling than I ever have been before. Instead of just one place, I’m going to do a list. Because I love lists.

  1. Russia. This has been my number one want-to-see place since I was in grade six. I am fascinated by Romanov history and would love to see all the landmarks!
  2. Canada. You’re probably like, hey wait… don’t you live in Canada? You’d be right and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve travelled to 21 American states but only two Canadian provinces (not including airports). As someone who is very proud to be Canadian, I think I should have a few more provinces crossed off, and one day the territories! A road trip across Canada is very high on my bucket list and I’m excited to say one is in the works! Maritimes here I come!
  3. Africa. Okay, I really, REALLY want to do a Big 5 Safari and a jungle tour to see Gorillas. I’m a person who tears up whenever I see an animal so seeing these creatures in the wild would just be pure magic. I think it’s something that not a lot of people, especially North Americans, can say they’ve done and maybe (sadly) not many more generations will be able to. It’s a very expensive thing to do, so this will probably have to wait a decade or two.
  4. DISNEYWORLD. I’ve been to Disneyworld. I’ve been to Disneyland. But once (or… six times) is never enough so I want to go back. I always want to go back (cue Jack from Lost saying “We have to go back, Kate!”). I’d also like to go to some of the International Disney Parks!
  5. Greece. I’m a sucker for Classical Mythology. And beautiful scenery is definitely the best kind of bonus.
  6. Iceland. Iceland is apparently one of the safest places for single females to go travelling, so that’s a reassuring thought! Everything I’ve seen from Iceland is stunningly beautiful (and really hard to pronounce). I have to give credit to Erica for being so hyped on Iceland over the past few years so it’s gotten my attention and we might have an opportunity to go next year!
  7. Egypt. Every person I know who has actually been to Egypt has told me it’s extremely overrated. But I still want to see the Pyramids. So I can say I’ve seen the Pyramids. This could potentially tie in with the Safari trip but Africa is insanely huge so it’s probably more likely to tie in with a Europe trip of some kind.
  8. Australia/ New Zealand. Pretty much everyone I know has gone to one or both and I’ve heard good things. I think it would be a cool experience to go somewhere so far away where they still speak English.
  9. Hawaii. I’ve never been to Hawaii and to be honest I never really wanted to until I found out you can do tours where they show you some places where they filmed Lost and Jurassic Park. And I’m all about that. Also… it’s Hawaii so I’m sure it’s a fun place to go!
  10. Ireland. I have always rolled my eyes when people say they want to go to Ireland, because truth is, I’ve been like five times but it was to visit family and never a super enjoyable experience. Now that I’m an adult I would love to go and learn more about where my mom grew up and see all the beautiful landscapes. And eat lots of Ready Brek.

Where would you like to travel? What’s the most memorable place that you’ve been? I’d love to hear from you!


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