Friday, September 2nd, 2016: Share a list of your current goals.

One thing I love about my current planner layout is that my Inkwell Press inserts focus a lot on goal setting. I’m pretty bad at setting goals to be honest, but the way the planner is laid out makes it a lot easier to get them into smaller, more easily achievable mini-goals that result in a lot more boxes checked at the end of the month. September is here and so I’ve been filling out the monthly mission board and thought I’d share my main goals with you guys for the next 29 days!

  1. Stick to BBG workouts: I was lucky enough to receive the Kayla Itsines workout package. I have mixed feelings about the program overall but the results people get are undeniable. For most of 2016 I have been focusing on improving my mental and emotional health so now it’s time to work on the physical side of things!
  2. Reach 5,500 YouTube subscribers: Since June I have gained almost 1000 new subscribers on my YouTube channel. I am a chronic procrastinator so even though I have a lot of ideas, I don’t put a lot of them into practice. My goal for September is to focus on getting content up on a regular basis and hopefully having a concrete numerical goal can help motivate me!
  3. Say yes to new experiences: I have always been a really cautious person. As an introvert I don’t like putting myself “out there” but over the past few months I have been trying new things and even little opportunities (like going down a crazy scary waterslide) that I would have passed on before, I’m choosing to say yes to. I’ve always believed in having no regrets, but I don’t want to play it safe all the time. So here’s to trying new things!
  4. Prioritize schoolwork: I’m going to be honest when I say I’m not a great student. I don’t stay on top of my readings or assignments and I put EVERYTHING off until the last possible second (sometimes later). Being a procrastinator is probably my biggest vice. In hindsight it can be kind of dumb because I know I’m smart and capable so my goal for the fall semester is to get everything done before it is due. I think this will be easier because I’m only taking one English class, so my reading is significantly less.
  5. Read for fun: I love reading. It’s why I became an English major. Well, one of the reasons anyway. The downside to that is I spend A LOT of time reading for school so when I have time to read for fun, I don’t want to. My goal for September is to read books outside of course material. I’m hoping that having only one Lit class will help here too.
  6. Clean/ organize bedroom: In May I started the Inkwell Press Organization Challenge but once school kicked into high gear, I started slipping up and ultimately never completed it. I actually did really well, filling up a grocery bag full of makeup/ beauty products I didn’t need and three full size garbage bags full of clothes/ shoes/ purses to donate. I still have some surfaces to go through, but I am aiming to finish it all in September.
  7. WRITE!: I love writing and want to be a published novelist one day, but have really been bad at writing continuously lately. I come up with ideas and jot them down in the Notes app but haven’t really focused on a project. I want to participate in NaNoWriMo in November so I want to use September as a way to get back on the horse, or so to speak.
  8. Eat healthier: I have a very, very, very weak spot for Tim Hortons steeped tea, Starbucks Green Tea Frappucinos and Twizzlers. Random, but such huge weaknesses of mine. This kind of goes with the first goal on this list and getting healthier. I want to try going the month Starbucks free because let’s be honest, it’s highway robbery. Overall I just want to make healthier choices with food.
  9. Use up products: I am a product hoarder. Hair, skin, shower, bath, makeup… you name it, I have way too many. My goal for September is to use up products as much as I can and not buy any until I have depleted said category.
  10. Complete Blogtember!: Like I mentioned in yesterdays post, I “completed” Blogtember 2015. This year I want to stay on track and post every single day with my final post of September 30th!

What are your current goals? I’d love to hear from you! Thank you, as always, for reading!


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