BLOGTEMBER DAY 4: Currently…

Sunday, September 4th: What are you up to currently? I have examples here and here.

Reading… A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin. I read about half of it before but it was so long ago that I decided to start over. I want to read the books before I watch the TV series (or at least alternate book and season).

Playing… Shanghai. It’s a card game we play as a family and since we are camping it’s been happening every night.

Watching… X-Files! I just started season seven and I don’t want it to end!

Trying… to make the most of these last couple days of summer holidays.

Cooking… mushrooms haha. Everyone else is having these mixed vegetable dishes for dinner and I just want the mushrooms but don’t want them to touch the other things (potatoes, yams, and onions) so I have to make mine separately.

Eating… Twizzlers. The addiction is so real.

Drinking… water. Lots and lots!

Calling… Nobody right now… No cell service where I am this weekend! But I have to call Best Buy when I get home.

Texting… Nobody. Again, no service up here.

Pinning… A couple outfits here and there. I’m so excited that Fall is just around the corner! Boots, cardigans, scarves, and toques here we come!

Tweeting… when I come up with funny things to say.

Going… all Little House on the Prairie (21st century edition) for the long weekend. No cable, no service, no data, one device connected to wifi at a time (between four people), and I was very dumb and forgot my charger at home so no laptop. And there’s nowhere to go within an hours drive. I know, I’m one big first world problem.

Loving… the cooler weather. It’ll be nice going back to school without having to wear shorts and flip flops.

Hating… nothing and no one. We need more love and kindness in this world, people!!

Discovering… that doing things at my own pace is okay. Life’s not a race.

Thinking… about all the things I was supposed to do on my computer this weekend. Including Blogtember Day 3. Oops.

Feeling… better. I’ve been feeling pretty gross and headache-y the last couple days.

Hoping (for)... a good and productive semester this fall!

Listening (to)… Keith Urban.

Celebrating… the long weekend! School is not here YET!

Smelling… fresh air. Sitting outside in the morning when we’re camping is one of my favourite things.

Thanking… God for blessing me with the family I have. It’s not perfect but I am so incredibly lucky.

Considering… what colour to paint my nails next.

Starting… to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to school. It’s been a long road!

Finishing… this blog post! You can read my other ‘Currently…’ posts HERE! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading this post! What are you currently up to?



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  1. September 4, 2016 / 2:30 pm

    LOVE your list! I hope you enjoy your time away. Also, it’s so cool to find another Canadian!

  2. September 4, 2016 / 7:57 pm

    I am curious what you are studying in school? Amen to life no being a race & doing things at our own pace. It is a lifelong lesson. I just popped by on the blogtember challenge.