BLOGTEMBER DAY 5: My Best Birthday


Monday, September 5th, 2016: What was your most memorable birthday?

As soon as the prompts for Blogtember were posted, this was one of the main ones that made me “hmm”. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve had a best, or most memorable birthday. I’m a creature of habit and every year I like to have my DQ ice cream cake (my dad was very proud about picking out the Sailor Moon design for my sixteenth birthday, my mom tried to fight him with Belle but Sailor Moon won out) and now am a big fan of the ol’ DQ Oreo Blizzard Cake. I count down the days until my next birthday when I get another piece. In our house the birthday tradition is that you get WHATEVER you want for your birthday dinner. My brother had steak, ribs, and chicken wings one year. My favourite food in the whole world is my mom’s Yorkshire Pudding. Throughout the years I’ve had Yorkshire Pudding with Chinese food, Yorkshire Pudding with tomato and garlic pasta, Yorkshire Pudding with classy chicken casserole… the list goes on. So that’s what I look forward to most on my birthdays: DQ cake and Yorkshire Pudding. I’m easy to please.

Growing up we had some pretty cool birthday parties. My one brother’s birthday always fell around the release of new Harry Potter or Pokémon movies and the other got a bouncy castle in our backyard one year. For me, there was a tea-party themed one where we all decorated our own sun hats. I did the whole Midnight Fairy rotation (it was this little place that did birthday parties and you got to dress up like fairies and elves and it was all very precious), went to the arcade, crash Crawly’s, countless slumber parties… you name it. But I don’t think there was ever a “best”.

My birthday that just past was my 25th, and the day itself just felt like any other day. It landed on Mother’s Day so we celebrated my birthday (with dinner) the night before and celebrated Mother’s Day on my actual birthday. I had deleted Facebook earlier in the year so I didn’t get the usual onslaught of Happy Birthday wishes but got a few on other social medias and a bunch of texts. I had dinner with my family and watched Netflix. It was a good, but pretty normal day.

But my “present” changed my entire year around. In March I had, half as a joke, told my parents that I wanted to go see the musical adaptation of Anastasia for my birthday. Okay, cool, sounds good.

Then I told them it was in Hartford, Connecticut. 2,500 miles from where we live.

They laughed and I laughed and thought that was the end of the story until they sat me down a few weeks later and told me they got tickets for my brother and I to fly to and stay in Hartford in order to see the musical, opening night. They paid with points and all I had to do was buy the tickets for the actual show.

I wrote a whole big blog post about the experience of getting to Hartford (and how we ended up seeing the show twice!) HERE and the show itself HERE.

It made my birthday so special and just completely changed my year and my perspective on everything. I had a really rough first few months of 2016 and that experience just made me appreciate my family more than I can ever express. Even though May 8th, 2016 just felt like a normal day… what it resulted in was one of the best experiences of my life.  Which is pretty memorable, if you ask me.

Did you have a specific best birthday? How was it? Thanks so much for reading!



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