Challenge Accepted!

I am a big advocate of social media challenges.

I started Tumblr as a place to keep all my quiz posts and soon thereafter discovered “Tumblr Challenges”, mostly lasting thirty days where there’s a prompt or question for each day/ number in the challenge and I used it as a way to have consistent content for my blog before really getting the hang of Tumblr and then to practice making GIFs and other sorts of posts. You can check out all those HERE.

One of the first things I did when I started an Instagram was an Instagram Challenge (which I posted and linked in my Tumblr Challenge section) and later I did the “100 Happy Days” which involved posting a picture every day for one hundred days about, you guessed it, something that made you happy.

Soon after I started this blog I attempted Blogtember 2015, and more recently Blogtember 2016. I really like the idea of being challenged to post (by whatever means) based on prompts or whatever else. Generally I don’t finish within the given time span but I am very much a member of the “better late than never” school of thought.

Something I’ve wanted to do for awhile is some sort of fashion challenge. I posted the prompts for one on Tumblr a few years ago but never got around to actually doing it. One of my personal “challenges” is that even though I have a lot of clothes… I generally fall back on the same handful of outfits all the time. Shoes are even worse.

For my upcoming school semester starting in January, I wanted to be able to start doing some kind of “OOTW” (outfits of the week) segment on my blog or YouTube channel as a way to show more of a style-conscious side to myself but also to personally challenge myself to step out of my safe hoodie-and-leggings box.

At the end of November I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a post about the December Wear What Where Style Challenge.

I thought this would be a good way to test run my plan for January and get in the habit of picking out different outfits and experimenting with ways to capture them.

In hindsight, December (and one close to being the coldest on record here in Vancouver!) probably wasn’t the best time to start experimenting with outfits. Between the sun starting to set around 3:30 and freezing temperatures, taking well-lit photos has been a struggle. But even if the pictures aren’t all turning out as I planned, I’m sticking with it!

I’ve found it to be a bit easier to double up on some of the prompts… it adds a bit more to the “challenge” aspect, but also gives me some leeway with the transition of being a super boring dresser to someone who wears different, interesting, multifaceted outfits each day.

As we’re over halfway through December (eek!), the majority of these prompts are already on my Instagram (@adriannamaryanne) if you’d like to check out my interpretations of them. The only one I skipped was “Velvet, Ruffles, and Tulle” because unless I go up to the attic and raid our old dress-up box, I don’t have anything that could even kind of, maybe fit those descriptions.

It’s also opened me up to this whole new world on Instagram that I didn’t even know about! There are people who do SEVERAL of these challenges and every day post an outfit that follow prompts from a whole bunch of fashion challenges. It’s wild and I applaud them. I’m definitely not there yet.

If you’re ever stuck on what to post, whether you’re starting a blog or using Instagram, I definitely recommend looking into a challenge! It’s a great way to get creative, post unique content, as well as keep your account active!

Have you ever attempted a fashion challenge? How about any other social media ones? I’d love to hear from you!


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