Currently… (June 7th 2016)

I’ve done this style of post a couple times (you can check previous ones out HERE) but I really like them! It’s a fun quick post, but it still gives a lot of fun information… probably even a bit more than my rambling novel posts haha! Anyway, it’s also a great post format for people who want to start a blog but don’t know what to write about, I recommend giving it a try!

Reading… The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for fun. Oroonoko, Romeo & Juliet, and Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) for school.
Playing… Sims! You have not heard me talk passionately about something unless you’ve witnessed me go on about my Sims 2 family and it’s 300+ members. Right now I’m playing the Dreamer household, with Vic (the child of Cassandra Goth and Darren Dreamer) who is married to Summer (the granddaughter of my RL brother’s Simself… he picked her name and she’s apparently named after some Pokemon character?). They had twin sons Winter (who lives in a different household) and August (they’re named after the season and the month haha). August is married to Rhiannon (which is just one of my favourite girl names so no other explanation there haha) who is the great-granddaughter of Victor and Elizabeth Aspir (Pauline’s great-niece)… all the descendants of the Aspirs have these AMAZING facial features especially their eyes haha. August and Rhiannon have a daughter named Abigail based off of Princess Abigail from Once Upon a Time (since August was the dad I made the family naming theme be OUAT characters). Right now I’m going through all the households and preparing the teenagers for university (getting them each a minimum of four scholarships and to the point where I get the pop up saying that they’ll become an adult in a couple days so they should go to University to have the young adult experience). Abigail has the Scholar’s Grant, the Communications Fellowship and the Genius Grant but she JUST became a teenager so she’s got a ways to go haha. I know. I have a problem. Just smile and nod and back away. It’s not contagious.
Watching… X-Files. Holy smokes, this show has ruined my life while simultaneously given my life meaning. Last night I watched the episode that was apparently so scary that it never played as a rerun after it’s original airing because so many people wrote in saying how messed up and scary it was. It was truly a thing of beauty (a very messed up, grotesque beauty albeit).
Trying… to decide if I should wear a dress to school tomorrow.
Cooking… up my outfit plans for the week.
Eating… Twizzlers. My one true vice.
Drinking… water and green tea.
Calling… …the shots… on Sims… This one is always hard because I rarely talk on the phone haha.
Texting… about Gilmore Girls haha.
Pinning… things onto my quote boards. I decided to use old stud earrings as push pins haha.
Tweeting… mostly reactions to X-files haha. I put a couple of my tweets on tumblr and they got a few hundred notes so that was exciting!
Loving… that I finally perfected the whole curling-my-hair-with-a-straightener thing. It was a process.
Hating… The heat.
Thinking… I should find some dinner.
Feeling… Glad tomorrow is Wednesday.
Hoping (for)… success on my hunt for dinner.
Listening (to)… My iPod on shuffle. I started listening to all my songs in alphabetical order in January and JUST finished at the beginning of June.
Celebrating… that I did my hair, makeup, and wore a dress to school today and got lots of complements! 🙂
Smelling… this Saje candle I’m burning… for a candle that comes from such strong smelling store it doesn’t smell very potent haha.
Ordering… Bard on the Beach tickets.
Thanking… people who have been sending me nice personal messages on tumblr!
Considering… if I should attempt Smashbooking.
Starting… to fill in my planner for this week. I actually have social plans every day which is unheard of for me haha.
Finishing… the 28 day IWP organization challenge. It has taken me much more than 28 days haha but I’ve made some really impressive progress!

Thanks so much for reading this post (and sorry about the Sims thing)!


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