Currently… (March 6th 2019)

(ft. Letterboard by Chapters)

It’s time for another instalment of my “Currently…” series! I love these because they’re quick but cover a broad range of topics. It’s also cool to look back at the older ones (HERE) because they function as a snapshot of my life at that time. Anyway, here’s what currently happening for me:

Reading… Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake. It’s the sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood which is apparently what KB is best known for. I was a big fan of her other two series (Three Dark Crowns and Goddess War) so I decided to give the duology a go. It’s full of voodoo and ghosts and witches and all that… which is apropos since yesterday was Mardi Gras (cue wistful rememberings of being in New Orleans a year and a half ago). TBH I prefer the other two series because this one feels very John Green with a dash of Supernatural plus a Buffy cameo but what do I know.

Playing… around with some new skincare stuff. I’ve been really lazy with it since finishing Accutane but since I’m in my *late* (yikes) twenties, I figure it’s a good time for me to start really focusing on that kind of stuff.

Watching… the Game of Thrones trailer. And all the analysis videos I can get my hands on. Because you can take the girl out of English Lit but you can’t take the English Lit (see: obnoxious need to find meaning behind every word choice in any and every form of media I consume) out of the girl.

Trying… to be financially responsible and not go to Disneyland within the next couple months. But… I’ve been REAL close to buying those tickets on several occasions.

Cooking… nothing because I gave up baking for Lent. I wish the prompt was “Baking…” instead of cooking because I never cook anything fancy or exciting so I’m just gonna go with my version.

Eating… pancakes for belated Pancake Tuesday dinner.

Drinking… peppermint tea. I’m trying to transition to caffeine free options after 1pm-ish .

Calling… people who (due to an error on their part) processed something late even though I submitted it MONTHS in advance. Telling someone they messed up in a nice way even though it seriously impacts you is so much fun (not). The finer points of adulting, folks.

Texting… My best friend about plans for when we’re spending an upcoming weekend together.

Pinning… Nail polish and nail art.

Tweeting… HERE!

Going… through a bit of an existential crisis while decluttering. I feel like Janet on that episode of Magic School Bus where they go to space and she gets rocks and gas etc from all the planets and they make her leave it all behind and she throws a tantrum like I AM NO ONE WITHOUT ALL THIS STUFF and I totally relate on some level.

Loving… the weather we had for the last couple weeks. It was super cold and super sunny and that is my FAVOURITE. It is presently snowing outside so… RIP to that.

Hating… how fast the year has been going so far!

Discovering… that I dislike Shoppers Drug Mart. I was texting my mom about my recent experience there and she replied with “(middle finger emoji) them”. Yes, my mother, everyone.

Thinking… about what to wear tomorrow.

Feeling… like taking a bubble bath.

Hoping (for)… it to either stop snowing or to step it up so I get a snow day tomorrow haha.

Listening (to)… Marianas Trench’s new album, Phantoms. I like it and the vibe is perfect for reading with the Anna series. It’s totally an album I wish I had in 2016 when it would have been much more relevant to my life. Regardless, MT albums are always an EXPERIENCE.

Celebrating… checking some boxes off my to-do list!

Smelling… a candle.

Thanking… goodness that it’s almost the weekend!

Considering… going to bed early.

Starting… to plan my outfits on an app. It’s really tedious but I’m hoping that it helps me cut down on shopping and with my ultimate wardrobe goal of having like a capsule wardrobe. Me? A minimalist? Oh I know… we’ll see how it goes haha.

Finishing… this post!

Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Have a great day! 🙂


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