Decluttering Series: Satellite Spaces

When I committed to doing a decluttering challenge (which you can read all about HERE), I decided to start with the things I keep in rooms other than mine, namely the bathroom and kitchen.


I keep all my lotions and potions in my bathroom cabinet/ drawer setup. Well, minus my backup stash of lotions that I keep in my unused bedside table. That was actually what I decluttered first, as one of the big things Marie Kondo suggests is to keep like with like.

One thing you need to know about me is that I am a collector. In everything. This is a habit I’m trying to break through the process of decluttering my entire living space but… it’s tricky.

Most of the lotions I have are things I got on sale at Bath and Body Works, gift sets I’ve received, or by-products of my Gilly Hicks (Hollister’s now defunct sister brand that they’ve… kind of absorbed?) phase. 

I ended up passing on all the lotions except for two that came with Taylor Swift perfume gift sets and one of the Gilly Hicks ones that smells like green apple. I moved the three survivors into the bathroom to be with my “on-the-go” lotions. 

Back in the actual bathroom, I started by taking everything out and sorting it on the floor.

My basic categories were:

  • Bath bombs/ bubble bars etc
  • Hair stuff
  • Body lotions
  • Face lotion
  • Face masks
  • Things that need to dry when they come out of the shower/ bath (in that little pink basket)
  • Body wash
  • Nail stuff
  • Other. There’s always an “other” category.

I won’t talk about the nail care stuff too much because I’m going to do a whole section on that with my nail polish. But, for reference, I keep these things in the bathroom.

This is the stuff of mine that I got rid of. A lot of it was empty/ near empty and just needed to be recycled. Also I had two toothbrushes on the go because my brother started using mine when we were in our trailer so I made him buy me a new (purple) one in the Canadian Maritimes. Yes, I’m sentimental over a toothbrush. The green one is the one that stayed home so I had two for awhile… but they both got tossed after this, I promise.

Our bathroom cabinet has two side cabinet/ drawer situations (mine is on the left) and then a large cabinet in between. The only stuff under there that belongs to me is the giant shampoo jug, some hair curlers, a red travel toiletry bag, and feminine care products.



The stuff I use and keep in the kitchen is either tea or a tumbler of some kind. Most of the tea is from Davids Tea and most of the tumblers are from Starbucks. I’m a creature of habit who sticks to what she knows she likes. I keep all my tea in this fabric basket thing that I got at Winners and the tumblers just kind of… float around. My goal was to get everything I was going to keep to fit in the basket.

I own two Starbucks hot drink tumblers. The one on the left has a fancy insert thing where you can change out the image, so in my case use scrapbook paper and in everyone’s mom’s case, a photo collage. The tumbler on the right is one I got around Christmas on sale and it has seen some stuff man. It still works well and I keep it because of that, but I’m on the lookout for a fairly priced, not hideous one to replace it. I did keep that one and passed on the collage one because between the two, I always reach for the stainless steel mug.

I own two water bottles. I also “own” like two of the Contigo ones that everyone has from Costco but other people kept using them so I ultimately stopped caring and relinquished my rights to them. The blue bottle on the left is a glass one from Lululemon and the one on the right is THIS one from S’well. The S’well bottle was one of my first purchases when I got my job last fall and it’s a game changer. I never really used the Lululemon one because the idea of it being glass freaked me out, so I passed that on.

I’m a big fan of water tumblers. The green one on the top left was actually the first one I ever owned (so I passed it on… it’s pretty old haha) and the rose gold-ish one was a purchase I made around Christmastime (I even wrote a whole blog post about it which you can read HERE!). The three on the bottom are smaller and I just kept the gold stainless steel Starbucks one, that I received as a gift a few years ago. I like that it fits so nicely in my Dagne Dover bags (I have a What’s In My Bag? where you can see what I mean, if you like!) and… it’s just real pretty. The VS Pink ones were free and I’ve definitely used them enough to justify parting with them now.

I have a lot of mugs, but I only keep a couple in the kitchen. These three are my favourite (as you can see since one is being used as I’m taking these pictures). The big “boat” mug is from Homesense and the other two are from Davids Tea that I received as gifts (lobster from Erica, pink and orange gradient from my neighbours. I’m using the pink and orange one as I write this now!). They’re all still great (despite the tragedy that is the lobsters arm. NOT dishwasher safe, people!)

I’ve accumulated a lot of tea accessories over the years. I kept the Kate Spade straws (perfect for smoothies or iced tea!), the pink leaf infuser bauble thing, and one of the David’s Tea infuser inserts.

I have a lot of tea. This isn’t even all of it. And most of it got gifted to my sister-in-law who LOVES tea. I’m still pretty particular about what I like.

This is the tea I kept, and it fits perfectly in this little basket that came with a matcha set I got from said sister-in-law for Christmas.


I have since purchased (with a gift card I got for my birthday) this tumbler. It is an iced tea press that I use in the mornings when it’s too hot for my usual green tea, so while I enjoy it… it still hasn’t phased out my grungy stainless steel tumbler.

I hope you enjoyed this first instalment of my decluttering series! For more information please be sure to check out my introductory post HERE!

Thanks so much for reading, and have an awesome day!


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  1. Sara
    January 17, 2019 / 9:28 pm

    Just read your Fitfabfun Canadian point of view “why I unsubscribed” section. I LOVE that you have a decluttering section, as I was wondering if siging up for fitfabfun would just add to that.

    • Adrianna
      May 2, 2019 / 8:44 pm

      It totally did! Almost everything I received from FFF has since been decluttered. I used up the skincare and such but the majority of things, unfortunately, weren’t keepers for me.