Friday Five: Travel To-Do List

As I write this I am sitting in the airport, about to get on a plane to come home. Home — where it is actually Friday. Right now where I am writing this, it’s Saturday. Technically I will live through Saturday, October 13th twice. It’s wild. But anyway, since on my blog widget thing it says I’m still in Vancouver (I really should update that when I travel… oops!), my blog is on PST and thus, I can, in good conscience, post this Friday Five.

This instalment is my travel to-do list. Not necessarily the next places I’m going but the places that once I replenish my bank account a bit more, I’m seriously considering jetsetting to!

1. Paris, France. I’ve actually been to Paris on a school trip when I was sixteen. But that was… over ten years ago (insert old lady emoji). It’s mostly because I want to go to Disneyland. I know, I know… I’m that girl.

2. The British Isles. I’ve been to the UK (same school trip) and Ireland (multiple times to visit family) but I want to go as an adult, and see Scotland and maybe Wales. There are several Contiki tours that do this area so that’s an option. Since my mom is from Ireland, and my dad’s family hails from Scotland and England, it would be really cool to be able to travel to all of these places and appreciate them all the more.

3. Russia. Okay, so I’ve actually been to Russia. But Russia is enormous (where I was is a nine hour flight from Moscow!) and I specifically want to go to St. Petersburg. And Moscow. And Yekaterinburg. I found a tour that does that route but it’s a lot of money, and that’s why it is not presently number one on this list.

4. Australia/ New Zealand. Doesn’t everyone in North America want to go there?

5. Mainland China. Great Wall of China. Shanghai Disneyland. Equally important landmarks, right? Kidding! I think it would be awesome to see traditional China and those big, crazy cities (and the biggest Disney castle…)! One day 😊

Thanks so much for reading this post! What places are on your travel to-do list? I’d love to hear from you!


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