Happy Haul-o-ween!

I try not to post the same thing back to back. Whether that be spacing out nail pictures on Instagram or Taylor Swift posts on Tumblr… I am always aware when two similar things are being posted one after the other. This is especially true with my blog and YouTube.

So when I came home from my summer holiday and had SO much content to get out, I faced a bit of a dilemma. I didn’t want to be posting solely hauls and vlogs, but at the same time I needed to get those posts out before I could move onto other things. Like putting together a shelf. For all the mugs I bought. Which I would share… in a haul… but I needed to post my Disneyworld haul first… and you get the idea.

The vlogs are a different beast and a bit easier to separate because, honestly, it takes me longer to edit. But I’ve been trying out new features to make them a bit more interesting and cross-platform, including showing screenshots of relevant blog posts (and including links in the description) to give a bit more info and “enrich the experience”, if you will. But as I move into the trip vlogs and want to show what I got in certain places…. this includes haul posts. And we’re back to the main point.

So I needed a way to post all my hauls and ease my guilt about uploading them back to back. Enter my new favourite word pun. Haul-o-ween.

So for the calendar (Sunday to Saturday) week of Halloween I am going to be posting a haul every day. Some are videos. Some are blog posts. I mean, I do post most of my videos on my blog anyway, so ultimately they will all be blog posts but… you get the idea.

I have already done a nail polish haul (available HERE) and a Lush haul (that you can check out HERE) which is irrelevant to the trip but I wanted to get it up before Christmas products came out in North American Lush stores. I also posted about the Aritzia Warehouse Sale which I went to shortly after coming back from holidays. So those are my pre-Haul-o-ween hauls.

Thus, the variety of posts will be a bit lacking over the next week. Maybe I’ll throw some bonus posts in to separate things anyway, but no promises. I mean… from mugs to a Sephora Favorites set there’s a bit of variety in terms of hauls? If that helps? Maybe?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the next week of posts!

Sunday: Random Souvenir Haul
Monday: West Edmonton Mall Haul
Tuesday: Walt Disney World Haul
Wednesday: Halifax Shopping Centre Haul
Thursday: Nashville Haul
Friday: Janet Haul
Saturday: Starbucks ‘You Are Here’ Mug Haul

Thanks, as always, for reading!


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