How I Organize My Six Generation Sims Family (With Over 350 Members)

I’m not much of a gamer. Aside from the educational computer games we were allowed back in the day, a Harvest Moon stint, and a fair share of Pokémon games… I don’t have much of a gaming repertoire.

But my Simming makes up for it.

Even though I’ve played all four instalments of The Sims franchise, I am a loyal slave to The Sims 2.

My first Sims 2 family was a family of four who had two teenagers: David and Sarah. All I remember is that David had a red jersey and was a real jerk who always beat up on poor Sarah.

Generally, my MO when playing Sims generally involves making myself and either my family or a friends group. I find there’s more at stake this way. After I had collected a few expansion packs I made a Sims version of my “real life” family plus a couple extra kids. I had dabbled with the custom content that you can download for your game (although I only really used hair, makeup, and clothes because I found the “real” looking faces extremely creepy)


(Clockwise: Heather, Arcadia, Sean, GM, Genevre, EM, Siobhan.)


Odette and Calen



I got to the point where the kids JUST started having kids of their own… and my game crashed.

So I started over. Inspired by versions of The Legacy Challenge that I was obsessed with reading on the Sims 2 website, I made my family (again). The Legacy Challenge was essentially a fan made “challenge” on the Story section of the site. Basically, one of the functions of the old website was that you could package and export your Sims family photo album up to share with fellow Simmers. Some people made it so their albums were actual stories with plots and dialogue and all sorts of fancy literary things, and others made challenges with rules and everything. The Legacy Challenge meant you had to make a Sim to become your legacy founder. You moved them onto an empty lot and they had to get a job and whatever else to start earning funds to build their house (which generally starts as one piece of wall with a toilet and maybe a bed haha) and purchasing furnishings as the paycheques start coming in. They find a spouse, get married, have babies and the whole nine yards of Sim life. When the children become adults, you pick an heir, and keep playing as that kid. The others move out and it keeps going from there.

Instead of starting with one Sim, I started with the Sim version my real life family again. This was the Sim version of my dad (GM I), my mom (JM), me (Adrianna), my middle brother (GM II), and my youngest brother (EM).


I tried to keep as much the same with the original version that I lost when the computer crashed. Everyone married the same people from the game (except some names changed as many townie names are randomly generated when you install the game), and I made myself a different boyfriend/ husband haha.  The child that was adopted was (obviously) different, as in the first round it was blonde Lakshmi, and this time it was redheaded Holly.

In addition to the three OG kids and Holly, there are nine more including three sets of twins.

Fast forward a couple generations and this is what Pleasantview (the pre-made town where my family settled haha) now looks like.


Each house has between 3-8 people living in it, and that isn’t including the entire sixth generation who is presently living at Sim State University.

There are over 350 Sims in the family right now. I had 323 as the official number in a lot of the posts, but since almost everyone from generation 6 is engaged, I play all their boyfriends/ girlfriends/ fiancées as well so I THINK it’s around 366 but I haven’t done an official count or updated my Sims family tumblr tag (which has a lot more information and pictures if you’d like to check it out!).

Anyway, with all those Sims and all my neuroticness that comes into play, I have a couple ways of keeping track of everyone and everything, which I briefly shared in an old YouTube video. A couple months ago, someone who watches my videos tweeted me!

I got really excited because I love when people who watch my videos reach out to me, and IT WAS ABOUT SIMS! It was on my to-film list forever and I FINALLY did it the other day. So if you’re interested in Sims, how to organize them, finding out all thirteen names of my Sims siblings, in seeing me talking about something I love an INSANE amount… or you just want to kill thirteen minutes, I hope you enjoy this video 🙂

Thanks so much for checking out this post! Have a great day!


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