January 2015 Room Tour & New Room?!

I’ve always been in love with bedrooms. There’s no way to say it that isn’t ridiculously weird. Whenever I would go to friends houses in elementary and high school, I was always interested to see what their rooms were like. I think you can tell a lot more about someone by the space they spend most of their time in than, for instance, how they present themselves at school.

I was always fascinated by teenagers bedrooms in tv shows… All the posters and decor that just didn’t translate into the room I had. I wasn’t allowed to hang posters except for the kitten one I got from the book fair in grade three. My mom is a chronic redecorater. When we were growing up, a room got redone at least once a year. Usually with a theme.

My two brothers and I shuffled rooms around a few times.

I started with the biggest room. I think it was just a plain white room with mother goose wallpaper. When my brother was born he got the smaller bedroom and eventually we each got room makeovers, his being Winnie the Pooh themed and mine Minnie Mouse. I still have that bedspread in my bunk in our trailer. Here are a couple screen captures from a home video circa 1995.

When my second brother was born I was evicted so they could share the bigger room which was, as well as the majority of our childhood, dinosaur themed. I was about eight at this point and very fittingly had an obnoxiously girly flower room.

At the tail end of my time in that room my brothers and I filmed a house tour. Yes, a house tour in 2002 (maybe 2003?) before YouTube even existed. (What an obnoxious hipster I am). I filmed it with my dad’s video camera, I had my own cassette tape for all the plays we made and filmed, while my middle brother (who is now 21) hosted the tour. Our quirk was that in every room my youngest brother would be “a statue” in some kind of pose that worked with the room, it was the best way to involve the baby of the family… who is now eighteen! You can view my room’s segment of the tour in the following video:

In grade seven I was moved downstairs into what was once my moms craft room so the boys could have their own spaces. My youngest brother kept the dinosaur room and theme while the other one who was (unhealthily) obsessed with bows and arrows and fashioning them out of whatever possible, got a Native American themed room. Now I don’t know if this is politically correct but the teepee canopy and wall art that I got off of a Magic School Bus art program was pretty cool. This was the start of my moody ‘I don’t care about anything’ phase so I kept the decor my mom already had going in her craft room and stuck with the animal print.  But, as this was the peak of my sarcastic, moody, writing everything all the time phase: I actually wrote a room tour. Yup. That actually happened. It’s from 2005 (or at least thats what Google says is when Incomplete from the Backstreet Boys came out). So, I’m just going to warn everyone: I was quite obnoxious.

            How many times can one song play in a day? That new Backstreet Boy song is driving me crazy; frankly. The song itself is a bit Incomplete. Finally it ended, jeez took long enough. Now another weird song is on about some guy who heard some gossip about his ex who some lady sent out to her boyfriend of sixteen years. Seriously the singers of our time are seriously low on ideas.
 Theres nothing like sitting down to my computer at 10:17 at night writing some pointless thing that will just be sitting in some folder within a folder within a folder in my computer for the next two years until I decided to delete it. Ive been listening to the same radio station for the past seven years and sometimes I wonder why. My room is a tannish color and an animal print border going all the way around with a black bookshelf, bedspread, beanbag chair, and calculator; its animal print the room not the calculator.


1. I’m very sorry that you had to read that.
2. I’m very impressed if you read all that and do not blame you if you couldn’t.
3. Again, so very sorry.

This was in between my two picture taking phases: post film and pre-digital so I don’t have many pictures unless you count weird webcam selfies. I apologize for the poor quality but these are screen captures from one of our plays: a Titanic remake. Also, the girl in the picture isn’t a family member so her face has been blurred for privacy 🙂

You can kind of see some carry over between the rooms now!

Then, when I was in grade nine we moved to a new house. I was turning sixteen and had been given the okay to do whatever I wanted with my space, something that was not allowed in the old house unless it was attached with sticky tack. I could post about 1000 pictures of the different variations of my lime green bedroom but in 2011 I filmed a room tour. I did this video for a tumblr video challenge and the post can be found HERE 🙂

In early 2013 I decided I needed a change and wanted to purge my life (and therefore my room) of people that weren’t in it anymore so I took down most of my pictures. I started envisioning completely changing my room, and took a shot in the dark and asked my youngest brother to switch rooms with me. I ended up giving him money to seal the deal haha but in April 2013 I was completely settled in my new room. Being in that room started to bring new things, including my new YouTube channel and doing a lot of social media. The following video is my new room tour that I filmed today!

And now, to go completely full circle, I am officially moving into my mom’s craft room. Now instead of getting down-graded to a craft room closet in the basement I am lucky enough to get one of the biggest rooms in our house. With my brother moved out my mom decided to shuffle things around and down-size her craft room as she doesn’t use a lot of the stuff and therefore the space.

So stay turned for ANOTHER room tour! 😉 I am really excited about the opportunity to have a completely new space for a completely new year! My biggest goal is to get organized and accomplish as many of my goals (no matter how small) and I’m looking forward to have such an amazing area to do everything! Thanks so much for reading this super long post and I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride of my bedrooms through the years!


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  1. March 30, 2015 / 9:40 pm

    I love the velvet duvet cover! It matches well with your wallpaper and minimalistic decors. Did you get that throw pillow customized, or did it just so happen that the print matches the wallpaper? In any case, I think the bedroom looks lovely. Thanks for sharing that, Adrianna! All the best!

    Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store