Music Monday: Best of 2016

It’s crazy how 2016 roundup posts are popping up everywhere! I personally don’t feel ‘end of year-y’ until after Christmas but when I saw this playlist, I was very excited.

When I opened Spotify a couple hours ago and saw a ‘top songs 2016’ playlist I thought it was going to be… you know… the top songs of the year that were overplayed on radio stations and made all the charts and awards and top 20’s. But when I scrolled through I was like… Wait, this hasn’t played all year! 

So here’s MY top songs of 2016 as curated by Spotify. It showcases all the songs I’ve been jamming out to this year and it was awesome listening to it, and I will definitely keep doing so (mixed in with my holiday playlist of course) as the year comes to a close!

My top two most listened-to songs of the year are definitely Fast Car by Tracy Chapman and One Week by Barenaked Ladies (which isn’t super high on the Spotify playlist because it’s on my iPod).

I hope you enjoy listening to this playlist if you give it a shot!

Thanks so much for checking out this post! What were your top songs of 2016? I’d love to hear from you!


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