Music Monday: My Concert Traditions

I think I am one of the only girls my age that doesn’t have a first concert story from elementary school. Either going to the Spice Girls or Britney Spears with a bunch of friends (and parents in the row behind) is something I never did. My first concert was when I was nineteen. I went to see Anberlin, my favourite band, with my two best friends.

And a monster was created. Going to concerts is one of my favourite things, even if I don’t know all the songs. It’s such a cool experience and even when it’s not my favourite band or singer, it’s such a special thought to think that for someone in the room, it is.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they act at a concert. I’m really lucky that my three best friends are the same as me: singing loudly and obnoxiously with some dancing. And standing of course. We’re no concert sitters.

IMG_7350 copy

Thanks to Krysta, Rhea, and Erica for being my concert buddies 🙂

On top of that, I’m always that annoying person who filmed her favourite songs and tried to get pictures that weren’t horrible quality and badly distorted by the stage lights, last year I came to the conclusion that they weren’t doing much good sitting in a folder on my computer. I mean, I took this one bomb picture at Taylor Swift’s RED concert which I feel so much pride over I may have it silk screened on a t-shirt that they can bury me in when I die, but most of the others never were touched after leaving my camera’s memory card.

#tbt to this nifty picture I took of @taylorswift when she came to Vancouver ? #taylorswift #onlygoodconcertpictureiveevertaken

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Thus, I decided to create a tradition to memorialize my concert experiences. Sure, one day I’ll probably print out a bunch of the pictures I took before for scrapbooking, but this way I could keep track of the cool concert experiences and at the same time, share them publicly.

So as of August 24th, 2014 when I saw Ed Sheeran in concert, I began my tradition of posting one picture and one video on Instagram. The video is my favourite part, and I’ve missed the picture a couple times, especially at the beginning of this tradition, but sometimes I like to just scroll back through my Instagram and watch all the videos back. I’m going to include some of the videos (because I’m obnoxious), but you can check out the pictures and other videos on my Instagram as well 🙂

? with @rickib12 #edsheeran #afirelove

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Not a bad way to spend my Wednesday night ♡ #staywithme @samsmithworld

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Say what you will. Say all that you can. This is our last goodbye, This is where love ends. #anberlinforever ♡

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#fave #fleetwoodmac #landslide @officialfleetwoodmac @stevienicksofficial

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Drop everything now ✨ #sparksfly #taylorswift @taylorswift #1989tour #mythirdtaylorswiftconcert #1989vancouver

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? #riptide #vancejoy @vancejoy #nofancycameratoday #fireandthefloodtour #firstconcertof2016

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? #arkells #Vancouver #latergram #thecommodore #leatherjacket #noleatherjacketemoji @arkellsmusic @commodoreballroom

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Forever after you will be my home. And there’s no place like home ♡ #marianastrench #dearlydeparted #golistentothewholesong

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I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart ?@thelumineers #thelumineers #hohey

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 As an extension to that tradition, on September 4th, 2015 I started a playlist on Spotify where after each concert I went to I would add a song that the artist played at that show. I had to backtrack a bit, of course, and try and remember one song from each concert I had been to previously. It was a pretty fun exercise haha!

For most cases I didn’t include openers, except for Parker Millsap, Ed Sheeran, Broods, Vance Joy, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Reuben And The Dark… who were game changers and I really liked their songs. In the case of Ed Sheehan and Vance Joy I ended up seeing their headlining tours (I’ve seen Ed Sheeran three times, oops) and hope to go see Broods when they come back to Vancouver this summer!

For some reason Wildest Dreams still shows up on this playlist but you can’t hear it. If you skip to the next song it will actually audibly play 🙂

You know the whole concert hangover thing? Where after a concert you just feel so drained and sad it’s over? Well this has been my way of lessening the effects of that. The Advil equivalent to the actual hangover, if you will. I love being able top go back and be like HEY I saw that live, or in the case of the pictures and videos I post, I can re-experience a little part of the show. Aside from, you know, actually seeing the show… picking the song, picture, and video to post is one of my favourite things about concerts!

Thank you so much for reading (and listening to) this post! Do you have any concert traditions? Who that you’ve seen puts on the best show? I’d love to hear from you!


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