Music Monday: Songs That Made Me

I love blog segments. I was looking for ideas for some new ones but then was like, hey maybe I should stick with ones I’ve already started!

So, here’s another instalment of Music Monday. You can check out previous MM posts I’ve done HERE.

For this post I wanted to kind of do a general playlist of songs that have really impacted me or been a big part of my life in one way or another. Even if just for silly reasons. Of course, this list is not exhaustive but is a good mix so I hope you enjoy it!

  1. Beauty by Shaye. This is one of the most, if not the most, important songs to me. I first heard it in 2003 when it started playing on the radio station I listen to and it instantly became my favourite song. Back then the only way I could listen to it was whenever it came on the radio, maybe once a week. It just came on during a lot of times that were really… hard and it truly helped me. It doesn’t play on the radio any more so I downloaded it when that became a thing. However, it was such a powerful song to me that I didn’t want to ruin it. You know how there’s a song you really like, you put it on your music player and listen to it over and over and over until it kind of loses it’s power? I didn’t want that to happen to this song so I vowed to never select it to listen to or put it on a playlist. The only way I can hear it is if I put my entire music library on shuffle (or when I listen to all the songs in alphabetical order) and it comes on. That way the effect is still like the whole radio thing, and it still gives me goosebumps 13 years later.
  2. Pretty Little Adrian(n)a by Vince Gill. I added the second ‘n’ to my file of the song because I’m vain like that. My mom was really into Vince Gill and this song was on a tape that we would listen to in the car all the time. Every year when we went on our family holiday which included a six hour drive, I would get my parents to replay this song off the tape over and over again. My dad would always sing along to it and I dunno… it’s just a really special memory I have. I always kind of figured I would use this song for the father/ daughter dance if I get married. Is that conceited? Probably.
  3. Most Wanted Man in the USA. Hahahahahahah okay. My mom is from Ireland and one year her sister (and family) came to visit for several weeks and brought like several of this guy’s CDs. They were all awful. Like so bad. But my mom, aunt, uncle, and cousins LOVED it. They eventually made their way to become our road trip music (much to mine and my brothers dismay). We thought this song was so bad that it was good and my brothers and I made a dance routine. My cousins hated our dance because they thought we were making fun of ol’ Joe. Which we were, of course. It was funny and now the song just makes me laugh and brings all that back.
  4. Time & Confusion is the first song I heard by Anberlin, which eventually became my favourite band. I have so many memories with this song, especially with my two best friends.
  5. Four Walls by Broods. Okay this song will ruin your life. It is SO good. Like makes you tear up on public transit because you can physically feel your heart of ice melting and the melted heart water drips through your eyes. Or something like that. I’ve actually considered having this as a “walk down the aisle” song at my future potential wedding. That’s weird, I know.
  6. Lonely Girl by Pink. Basically I got the CD for Christmas and my mother didn’t realize when she bought it for me (when I was 9 or 10) what the explicit sticker meant. Then she took it away and eventually I got it back and this was my favourite song off of it. I would listen to it over and over again on my huge black stereo. I was really excited when I turned 13 so when I was singing along I could change the lyric where she says “sixteen” to “thirteen” and it would stick with the rhyme scheme and make more sense… kind of.
  7. My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic Soundtrack. Titanic is my favourite movie and I have a lot of memories with this song haha. I used to listen to the movie soundtrack on repeat over and over again even though all the songs are instrumental except this one. Also there was a new edition of the soundtrack that shows up on Spotify and I kind of want it. How irrational is that? (Says the girl who has the Titanic soundtrack, VHS set, DVD, and special edition DVD).
  8. Imperfection by Saving Jane is just me in a song. My anthem, if you will.
  9. Someday We’ll Know from A Walk To Remember is a song that just gets me every time. There’s one lyric (if you listen to it you’ll be like ah yes, that’s why Adrianna likes it) that sealed the deal but I just love all the allusions. So good, so good. When I was watching AWTR I rewound it over and over just to listen to this song (it’s from when she’s teaching him to dance, I’m pretty sure) and then I decided it was more logical to just download it.
  10. Home by Michael Buble. This was one of Michael Buble’s first big songs and it was EVERYWHERE, including my iPod. When I was in the airport coming home from my school’s Europe trip (which included Paris and Rome) I listened to this on repeat so listening to it now always brings me back to that. Also my dad met Michael Buble and didn’t realize it was him and I enjoy pointing that out every time a Michael Buble song comes on.

Bonus: At The Beginning by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis which is my number one favourite song but apparently isn’t on Spotify except for some cover versions that made me really uncomfortable.

Thanks so much for reading/ listening! 🙂


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