Music Monday: The Concert Tag

I love doing tag videos and this one is music related so it made for an awesome “best of both worlds” scenario for a Music Monday post! If you would like to check out other posts in this series, they’re available HERE.

I discovered this tag through Abby Williamson on YouTube. Her version of this challenge is HERE and she did a shorter version of the challenge, with the following questions:

1. What was the first concert you attended?
2. What was your most recent concert?
3. How many concerts have you been to?
4. Which artist have you seen the most live?
5. What’s the furthest you’ve ever travelled for a concert?
6. Best opening act you’ve seen?
7. Have you met any bands/artists at concerts?
8. Have you met internet friends at concerts?
9. Have you ever caught a guitar pick/drumstick or setlist?
10. Best concert you’ve been to and why?

The version of the concert tag that I did is an extended version (which I found HERE), with more questions:

1. How many concerts have you been to?
2. Which artist/band have you seen the most live?
3. First concert you went to?
4. Last concert you went to?
5. What is your next concert?
6. The farthest you’ve traveled to go to a concert?
7. Best opening act you’ve seen?
8. Have you met any bands/artists at a concert?
9. What’s one thing you have to bring to a concert?
10. What’s the most you’ve paid for a ticket?
11. Best concert you’ve been to?
12. Have you met any internet friends at a concert?
13. Which concert that you’ve been to has had the best stage setup/production?
14. Have you ever caught a guitar pick, drumstick, got a setlist, etc.?
15. Favourite concert venue?
16. Least favourite concert venue?
17. Who do you enjoy going to concerts with?
18. Have you been to multiple dates for one tour?
19. Have you been to concerts 2 or more days in a row?
20. Have you been front row for a concert?
21. Have you ever gotten sick, bruised, or broken a bone at a concert?
22. Have you ever had surprise guests at a concert you attended?
23. Longest you’ve waited in line for a concert?
24. Favourite song you’ve heard live?
25. Have you ever been to a meet & greet at a concert?
26. Craziest concert experience?


Thanks so much for checking out this post! If you give this challenge a shot (either on YouTube or just as a blog post) let me know! I’d love to hear your answers 🙂



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