My Night Routine (Fall 2015)

Routine videos (Night Routine, Morning Routine, After School Routine, etc.) are some of my favourite YouTube videos to watch. Even though I have had requests to post one, I have yet to do so as it’s quite a complicated process to film one, especially this time of year when it’s dark at five pm and my house has horrible lighting anyway. That being said, I would like to do one someday! In the meantime, I made this blog post! Instead of filming the process I go through before bed, I took pictures! This was the evening before a wedding so it’s a bit more than I’d usually do on a Saturday night, but it makes for more of an interesting post than getting home from work and scrolling through my phone while I sit in front of the TV catching up on the weeks PVR’d shows. So here it goes!

I get home from work around 7:30, and the first thing I do is have dinner. Sometimes it is prepared for me, sometimes I have to make dinner for everyone and sometimes it’s a bit of both. This night, chicken and broccoli was sitting on the stove and that was alright by me!Next, I make it up to my room to drop my work stuff and change. This ultra-fashionable (I wish my sarcasm came through with text as much as it does in my head) bag is the one I’ve used for work over the past three years. It was free with a Taylor Swift perfume. Where I work is extremely dusty and I was tired of cleaning my purses every day after coming home from work so I switched to just using this guy.

Naturally, I’m not going to stay in my work clothes on a Saturday night in so it’s on with the sweats and slippers!! The sweatpants are from Gilly Hicks, the hoodie is my grade seven grad hoodie (he’s a decade old now!) and the slippers were a gift from my boyfriend.

For a “pamper night” I love using masks- hair and face especially. This night my hair belonged to Lush’s Roots hair mask. It’s hard to pick a favourite Lush product but if I had to, I think this guy would be it! I even let my brother use some too.

I think it recommends leaving in the hair treatment for 20 minutes but I usually leave it in for a couple hours. It can’t hurt right? Plus, it smells AMAZING!

To take off my makeup I like using Lush’s Ultrabland. It’s a makeup removing cleanser that it definitely a unique product. I used it for my main cleanser for awhile but it’s not quite strong enough for my angry skin. Now I like to use it for the days I wear full face makeup to remove the majority of it before going in with other products. To get the rest of my mascara off I use the Camomile eye makeup remover from The Body Shop.

Normally I’m a loyalist to Lush face masks but I love trying new ones. This one is from Fresh and is a Rose based one with more of a gel texture. I’ll have a more thorough review coming on an upcoming post!

Next, since it was a long week- four classes and three nine hour days of work- it’s nice to have some time to relax.   My favourite tea is the Kirkland brand green tea (random, I know) and I love this giant mug my mom got me for Christmas last year from Homesense.

This is the time I use to catch up on all the PVR’d shows of the week that I couldn’t watch while studying/ working/ being at school. Vampire Diaries is one that I have to watch in the basement since I’m the only one who watches it… Besides my nineteen-year-old brother. He hadn’t started this season yet so I’ve been watching it solo so far.

It’s a definite guilty pleasure.

After Vampire Diaries allotted enough time for my hair and face masks to do their work, it’s time for a bath! I used Lush’s bubble bar “Milky Bath”. It’s one of their new ones and it smells really nice. I actually put this picture on my Instagram too! 

Here are the other products I used. My man razor (because the “pink tax” is real), a Philosophy body wash that I got for $6, Caviar shampoo and conditioner samples, Lush face, foot, and body scrubs,  as well as a shave cream. Just a little disclaimer that even though a lot of the products I use are “high end” I get most of them as samples or part of variety kits such as the Sephora Favorites sets.

I can’t just take a bath like a normal person- gotta have some Netflix! This is actually my mom’s iPad because mine wasn’t working for some reason (sad face). My latest Netflix binge seshs have been centred around Grey’s Anatomy. I have caught up to where I started actually watching in 2009 but it’s interesting to watch from the perspective of “I know you die, you die, you guys break up, and this super scary mid-season finale event isn’t going to end in your death because I just watched you in the new episode last Thursday”. It does get weird watching both the new episodes every week as well as old ones at the same time!

And then… time to relax! I was a bit underwhelmed but the amount of bubbles that Milky Bath made but the smell was really nice and therapeutic.

After getting out of the bath I used Salted Coconut, Lush’s hand scrub. This was a total (OMG A NEW PRODUCT I MUST HAVE IT) impulse buy and I wouldn’t repurchase it, but it is nice.

This sad little guy is/ was Yes Yes Yes massage bar. One of my very favourite fragrances is jasmine and Lush has quite a few that use this (I think they market it as their “Lust” scent). I’m not a big fan of massage bars in general but I do like using it once in awhile. Essentially it is a solid body lotion.  

Next is my “old lady routine”. I use a sample of a Murad eye cream, Lush’s solid serum called Full of Grace, and this Vitamin World Retinol Cream as a moisturizer.

Hair clean, face washed, makeup brushes drying in the background and my empty products stash stacked up!  

Usually I just go to bed with wet hair but this particular night was the eve of a wedding, so I had to go a little further than the normal routine. I used these two Living Proof samples and although I haven’t used them enough to give a in depth review, I did like them!

This hair dryer was my main Christmas present a few years ago after I felt that my mom’s old beige one from the 80s wasn’t cutting it. I love going to salons and seeing that they use the same one!  

After drying my hair, I brushed my teeth. This cow cup is a remnant from my cow phase. I can’t even explain myself on that one.

I was very excited with how fast my hair dried with using the Living Proof products, as “faster drying time” was one of the product claims.  

The last products I use and the ones I keep on my nightstand are for nighttime moisturizing: lips, hands, and cuticles. Lemony Flutter lasts FOREVER.

And after all that is done… it’s bedtime! Goodnight!

Thanks so much for reading! If you have questions about any products, please let me know!


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