Out With The Old (Volume I)

I used to be REALLY bad with change but lately I’ve been a lot better with letting go of things. From relationships to my giant tote of candy wrappers, I’ve been able to cut ties when something is no longer making me happy or better.

This might seem kind of silly, and perhaps it’s problematic but I am guilty of attaching value to objects based on the memories or other things associated with them. Other things I just have had for a long time and continue to keep because, well, I’ve had them for a long time.

In order to help the process of letting go of some of these things I decided to do a little series on my blog with short posts saying goodbye to objects that it’s (and sometimes, well past) time to part with, and bring in the more appropriate replacements. Yes, yes totally strange and weird and maybe pointless (and again… problematic re: consumerism/ commercialism/ etc) but hey, there are way weirder things on the internet.

The way I look at it is that everything has a story. And when it’s time to part with something, maybe it’s easier to let go when I can tell the story and keep that instead.

My first post in this little series is dedicated to my Starbucks cup.

I actually got it as a gift from one of the ladies I used to work with. We worked a couple doors down from a Starbucks and around Christmas (three years ago, I think?) they SO much merchandise and it was all beautiful. When it went on sale right before Christmas, I bought myself one of the stainless steel travel mugs (it says “more please” on the side and I use it ALL the time) and this lady gave me the giant red tumbler as a Christmas gift. She did have “to Brianna” written on it so there is that, but nonetheless it was super nice and I really appreciated it.

I didn’t really use it as I had a couple other ones on the go. I used one I got in the states (I think at Burlington Coat factory) as a cup for my homemade smoothies and stuff and before that had a green one from Starbucks that I used for water and smoothies (and whatever else). Those eventually died various deaths and while I wasn’t super attached to either, I find that when I use one for smoothies or anything other than water they are hard to clean and stuff gets caught in the straw and under the rubber seal. I decided to use the red one JUST for water and it worked perfectly. The real bond was when I went on Accutane and one of the things is because it dehydrates your body, you need to drink as much water as possible. I’m pretty susceptible to fear tactics so being told that if I don’t drink enough water on Accutane my brain could swell up and I’d die. So I hydrated like heck. I’d say I easily drank ~8 of the 24 oz water cups give or take, depending on what I was doing that day. I found that having it and carrying t around the house encouraged me to drink more water but instead of downing a glass whenever I was thirsty, I’d work on the cup as I went about my day and refill it whenever it was empty.

While on the couch I would leave it beside me and once when I was dog sitting, the dog got chewed up the straw. It wasn’t too bad but my lipgloss and whatever else would build up in the teeth marks so I ended up just chopping the top centimetre off the straw.

I also have it on my bedside table every night and once when I knocked it off, the inner wall of the cup completely separated itself from the outer/ designed shell and for the last few months of its life, the cup was naked. I knew I should replace it because really, the cup was just starting to look sad. It couldn’t balance very well and the bottom was starting to crack and would soon begin to leak.

I found that while on holidays for two months even though I brought it, I never really used the cup because we relied on plastic water bottles. Not eco friendly, I know, but I’m a water snob and generally trailer park water is gross and in most of the states it is even worse. When I got home I found the transition from plastic water bottles back to tap water difficult. In addition to the drastic climate adjustment (from Florida to South Dakota and then home to Vancouver in a span of two weeks) and then the temperature drop at home (30 degrees Celsius in September to snow in October) as well as being back in the “real world” and all the stress that holds, my skin was FREAKING OUT. As someone who spent 9 months on Accutane it was really disheartening. But after I started toting that (no longer red patterned but red lidded) cup around with me and drinking my Accutane levels of water again, my skin finally has smartened up again. While I’m sure the weather being a bit more consistent and me not travelling across multiple state lines and temperate regions, I know that the water is really helping my complexion.

The other day at Starbucks I saw these rose gold cups I’ve been eying on sale for 25% off and I couldn’t resist. I was never crazy about the red pattern so finding a pattern I genuinely liked made the transition a bit easier.

So goodbye to my red lidded Starbucks tumbler. Thank you for the part you played in clearing my skin and I am grateful for the part you played in my life over the last couple years. I hope the rose gold cup does your memory justice!

Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. Rhea
    December 17, 2017 / 10:11 am

    Goodbye ye faithful Starbucks tumbler ✌

    • Adrianna
      February 25, 2018 / 6:34 pm

      She was so good to me…