Planner Set Up: August – December 2015

Since graduating high school, I have been on the hunt for a planner to organize my life- from work, post-secondary courses, as well as social and personal activities. I have tried the Personal Planner and Erin Condren LifePlanner (you can watch my unboxing HERE) but didn’t find that the layouts worked for me. I then discovered Kikki-K and loved the idea of a binder style to be able to switch around/ add/ remove pages to make it work better for me. You can watch my Kikki-K unboxing HERE if you like!

The version I have is the large textured leather personal planner in black. The exact one I have is no longer available but the one that is currently listed on the website is pretty similar. The bow is a Kate Spade leather keychain.


On the inside I have a couple project life cards with paper clips from Kate Spade and Indigo. I traced the Kikki K dividers and made my own with scrapbook paper and laminated them and added Project Life cards.


I made my own monogram paper clip with glitter and plain black card stock. The sayings on the journalling card are from a Kate Spade roller stamp.


My first section is “calendar”. At first I tried trimming down my Erin Condren, but didn’t like how large it was inside the Kikki-K. I then tried using the pages that came with the Kikki-K, which were a month on two pages which worked for the summer time when I wasn’t doing as much but once I started back in school it became too much. I then discovered Inkwell Press which is the planner I purchased for 2016. With the purchase of the Inkwell Press 2016 inserts (which fits perfectly inside the large Kikki-K) I had the option to buy a small mini-planner with the remaining months of 2015. You can see my Inkwell Press unboxing HERE. I cut and hole punched the mini-planner to fit the Kikki-K which helped me get some practice with that style of planner and figure out a system that would work as a practice for 2016. The little orange bookmark is from Studio Calico.


My next section is “To-Do” I used the To-Do pages that were included with the Kikki-K and broke it down by different categories, one for school, one for my room, one for my blog and so forth.IMG_0868

The next (and my favourite divider) is social media. To be honest I didn’t do too much in this section aside from follower stat counts and post ideas for Tumblr, my blog, YouTube videos and so on. IMG_0870

Writing is another category that I made. The only pages I had in here were a word count tracker for NaNoWriMo, but as my writing took a backseat for much of 2015 it was a pretty thin section.IMG_0871

Next is finances. I am going to be honest and say all that was in here was a wish list. 2016 is going to focus more on saving and budgeting so that will be something to focus on in my planner.IMG_0872

Health & Fitness is another big thing I’m working on for 2016 but didn’t get much in this planner.IMG_0874

Lastly was notes. I initially had some note paper from the Kikki-K in the back of the binder behind this tab but as the note pad on the bag also says ‘notes’ I felt that was kind of redundant.IMG_0875  IMG_0877  IMG_0881

The pen I keep in the pen loop is from Kate Spade as well (can you guess the aesthetic I was going for?). I love the snap closure on the Kikki-K, they also offer an elastic closure if you prefer that.

As much as I loved these dividers and this layout, for 2016 I will have to change it to accommodate a years worth of inserts with the Inkwell Press. With just a couple days left in 2015 I am making some tweaks to come as close to “planner peace” as I can, and I’m excited to see where that goes!

Thank you so much for reading this post and stay tuned to see my 2016 planner layout!


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  1. Chynna
    March 30, 2016 / 10:10 pm

    Do you still use your black Kikki.K?

    • Adrianna
      April 1, 2016 / 12:47 pm

      Yes and I love it 😀