Ten Things

The majority of posts on here are either really serious or really long. Often they’re both. For this one I decided to do something short and sweet! The first prompt in the 365 Blog Post Ideas is: “Share 10 things about yourself”. So here we go!

  1. I have a Sims family that started off just as Sim versions of me, my parents, my brothers and my dog. Now it spans six generations and over 350 Sims.
  2. Once I memorized a TV commercial as part of earning a Girl Guide badge. As a result I can still recite that Barbie commercial from 2002 verbatim.
  3. I can touch my nose with my tongue.
  4. We weren’t allowed video games as kids (until my brothers got a Gamecube when I was sixteen) but we were hardcore with the educational computer games. Reader Rabbit and Cluefinders were favourites (CF 3rd grade had the BEST soundtrack). I memorized all of level one on Carmen Santiago: Think Quick and it got so bad that my brothers would warn my friends not to play with me because they would lose miserably. Thanks to that game I was the only one in my first post-secondary history class who knew that Betsey Ross made the first American flag. Knowledge is power, everyone.
  5. When I was five my youngest brother was born and I was so devastated that I wasn’t getting a sister, so my parents let me pick his middle name. He is middle-named after Babar’s youngest son, Alexander,  because that’s what I had watched on TV that morning.
  6. Anastasia is my favourite animated movie and I can say the lines along with the movie from start to finish. I used to watch it on a little TV that I kept in my closet every day after school.
  7. I hate potatoes and all the forms and shapes they come in.
  8. In grade nine I learned how to say “your mom” in sixteen languages mostly by asking different people at school who were bilingual.
  9. My mom is from Ireland so we spoke a couple Irish Gaelic phrases. These translate to “be quiet”, “close you mouth”, “close the door”, and “mind your own business”. Oh, and my addition of “your mom”.
  10. Not including airports, I have been to 20 US States (it will be 21 in May!) but only two Canadian provinces. I am a terrible, terrible Canadian.

Thanks for reading this quick post! What are some fun facts about you? I’d love to hear them! 🙂


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