West Edmonton Mall Haul

When planning our cross-Canada road trip, one of the things we had to do was prioritize. It’s impossible to do everything so a lot of judgement calls had to made and one was Edmonton vs Calgary. We wouldn’t be able to go to both of Alberta’s major cities and whichever one we picked would determine where we would cross from BC into Alberta. Edmonton ended up winning out for a few reasons, but primarily because we were going to all the other provincial capitals and of course, there’s West Edmonton Mall.

West Edmonton Mall was the biggest shopping mall in the world until the early 2000’s and is presently the biggest mall in North America. I’ve been to the biggest mall in the United States and regularly shop at the biggest mall in my home province of BC, but never been to WEM. Until this past summer.

WEM is perhaps more well known for containing both the largest indoor amusement park and the largest indoor waterpark in the world. On top of that, there’s also an ice rink, animal enclosures, a movie theatre, mini golf, and several other attractions. It is an experience.

While all that stuff is great, I was there to shop. And shop I did.

This blog post is the first of three “picnic table hauls” that will be going up on my blog. Since these shopping trips were on a road trip, I would keep all the bags in my bunk until the weather was nice enough/ I had time to photograph everything and then I’d sort the purchases into the rest of my belongings and they’d be absorbed into whatever I packed. Not that it’s really relevant, but this picnic table haul was photographed at the campsite we stayed at in Niagara Falls! You even get a bonus look at our neighbours trailer!

A few of the things I got were gifts so I didn’t want to unwrap them but included the picture anyway, for reference. Plus, Anthropologie bags are the nicest ever.

From Anthropologie I got Erica (and myself) these mugs in ‘A’ and ‘E’ respectively. She got me (and herself haha) the original Anthropologie monogram mug a couple years ago and I got us these ones when I went to Connecticut last year. A few months ago Erica sent me the picture of these new ones, which are my favourite yet! We don’t have easy access to an Anthropologie so I was hoping she wouldn’t make the trek out to the nearest one and grab hers before I got home, and luckily she didn’t!

I also got myself this plate in ‘A’, but unfortunately they didn’t have ‘E’. I thought it would be too small for anything beyond a coaster since I already have a jewelry dish. I’m glad I picked it up anyway because it’s the perfect size for storing my Essie nail polish!  You can see it in action on THIS post!

Carlton Cards was kind of a random thing. My dad was with me and he likes looking at figurine stores. He found a couple mugs (yes, I am a very predictable souvenir shopper) that are perfect for my other two best friends. I’ve only gifted one so far and I don’t want to spoil the other one so I’ll just leave you in suspense.

I wandered through the Winners in WEM and was stoked to find an OPI set! I talk about it more in my OPI nail polish haul (there was so many that they needed a separate post haha) which you can find HERE.

I have a lot of thoughts about what I should have/ shouldn’t have packed for such a long trip but Edmonton was just three days in and I had already run out of body lotion. Note: don’t bring an almost empty thing of lotion to use up with no replacement!

At WEM I picked up a large tub of Lush’s Charity Pot and it lasted me the whole trip and is still about 1/4 full! Charity Pot is Lush’s product where 100% of the proceeds go to grassroots charities, examples of which are printed on the top of each pot. I like to pick them based on whatever is on that sticker and this one had a BC Salmon initiative. Since I’m from BC, I felt connected and provincially patriotic. I’ve repurchased Charity Pot a few times and it is one of my go-to body lotions.

My first purchase at WEM was this Sephora Favorites set. If you’ve read a few of my blog posts you might know I am an absolute SUCKER for these. This particular one was called “Summer Essentials” and was packed with various sunscreens and other sunny weather products. 

It also came in this bright orange pouch which became the home of all my skincare products for the duration of the trip. The little sun kept falling off but otherwise it was an amazing little pouch.

One of the things that was on my must-buy list at WEM was a facial sunscreen and I hit the jackpot with this set, even moreso because it was on sale for $33! I thought it was an awesome value and that little Origins product on the left was the BEST face sunscreen I’ve ever used and lasted me a whole two months through some pretty crazy summer weather conditions across Canada and the US.

I dropped into Abercrombie and Fitch with my brother and he got two giant bags full of clothes. I picked up this dress even though I had the same one in another pattern, this was the pattern I initially wanted but they didn’t have when I got the first one. For $26 I felt I could justify both. Also, you bet I wore this dress in Kansas. And you bet I said “we’re not in Kansas anymore” when we crossed the state line.

I’d say the biggest shock of WEM was that the most I bought and most I spent was at Reitmans. Reitmans is a Canadian clothing store and has always been my mom’s favourite. I let out many a groan as a teenager while crossing the mall threshold into that store with her.

They have recently rebranded and to my surprise, had a lot of really cute things. I have owned maybe three Reitmans brand clothing items over the years (one being a toque and another a $50 blazer that was on clearance for $15) so I basically doubled that! Since I wasn’t in the system, I also got 10% off my purchase for joining their mailing list.

I bought these shorts, while they were one of the few full price things in the store at $40, they fit really nicely and I generally hate how shorts look and feel on me. I ended up wearing them in Nashville!

All the dresses in the store were on sale so I grabbed this $60 chambray shirt dress for $32.

It was perfect for Nova Scotia and I think it will be a great piece in the springtime!

Lastly, I got this black jumpsuit, also $60 full price for $32. It apparently didn’t count towards the 40% off dress sale but the lady gave me the discount anyway because I was on the fence about it and was a new Reitmans customer. Seriously.

I’ve liked wearing rompers for the past couple of years and felt that a jumpsuit was the next step. I’ve seen lots of outfits with jumpsuits that I like and have always been tempted but never wanted to spend significant money on one. So for about $30, I felt it was justifiable since it was comfortable and pretty good quality.

I wore it for a long car day that took us through Nova Scotia (visiting the Alexander Graham Bell museum) on our way to the Newfoundland ferry. It’s actually probably one of the pieces I wore most on the trip because it was SO comfy and easy, but still looked relatively nice. When we stayed in Memphis, I wore it to Graceland. I think Elvis would have approved… he was a big fan of the ol’ jumpsuit look.

So that’s all the stuff I picked up in North America’s biggest mall… I definitely want to go back one day!

I hope you enjoyed this picnic table haul post!

Thanks so much for reading 🙂


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