What Makes You Canadian?

Today in my province is BC Day, a statutory holiday for all of British Columbia! To celebrate I did a very patriotic tag video! Check out the video below to hear about my igloo, why Timmies staff writes ST DD on the top of my cup and what animals I see strolling around my town. If you are Canadian, I think this is an awesome tag to do for your YouTube channel or maybe just even in text form for a blog! Enjoy!
The original video was done by Tanya Just Talks and you can find that HERE 🙂
  1. What do you order at Tim Hortons?
  2. Most annoying Canadian stereotype?
  3. How many provinces have you been to?
  4. Have you ever seen an igloo?
  5. How many words do you say that people think you say differently?
  6. Favourite YTV show?
  7. One thing you wish you could buy in Canada but can’t?
  8. Have you ever seen a moose, deer or any type of wildlife?
  9. Favourite winter product?
  10. Favourite Canadian celebrity?
  11. Why are you proud to be Canadian?



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