Who is Most Likely To?

My best friend and I spent the weekend camping (in a trailer… So “camping”) and we decided it’s about time we do another video! This is the Most Likely To tag, which has several different versions and we just scoured the internet and combined questions to make the best possible one for ourselves (gonna be honest… Neither one of us is most likely to show up to work hungover or have had the most boyfriends)

And here are the questions:
Who is most likely to…
Get married first?
Want lots of kids?
Ask a stupid question?
Take control of a serious situation?
Lose their purse?
Meet someone famous?
Take care of the other while they’re sick?
Hold their breath the longest?
Write a book?
Have a panic attack?
Fall while walking?
Spend money on things they don’t need?
Watch anime?
Watch romantic movies?
Read Steven king?
Fall for a prank?
Steal shampoo bottles and soap from a hotel?
Fall asleep first?
Win big on who wants to be a millionaire?
Get arrested?
I hope you enjoyed this video and these questions if you want to do a tag video too! 🙂

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