The Oldlyfriends Game

The Newlywed Game is one of the most enjoyable game show ideas in my opinion. Whenever it is done in person (it’s always a crowd pleaser on cruises) I always want to participate because I have a absurd memory with random facts about people. But, of course, I’m not a…

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Friday, September 18th, 2015: Record a VLOG! It can be about anything you’d like! Hello. Ah yes. Blogtember.  I have (as you’ve most likely noticed) been slipping on the whole, blogging every day thing. I couldn’t let this one slip by though, as one of the reasons I joined this challenge…

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Who is Most Likely To?

My best friend and I spent the weekend camping (in a trailer… So “camping”) and we decided it’s about time we do another video! This is the Most Likely To tag, which has several different versions and we just scoured the internet and combined questions to make the best possible…

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