Five for a Fresh Face Mask (November 2017)

The time has come again: It’s time to trade in five black pots from Lush to get that free fresh face mask! If you’d like to check out all the posts in this little series, they’re available HERE and all my empties posts (including my normal empties (products that aren’t…

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Five for a Fresh Face Mask (May 2017)

As an extension to my “empties” posts, both here on my blog and on my YouTube channel, I started this little series to cut down on how many things would be in my normal empties, as well as be able to redeem the empty pots for Lush face masks as soon…

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Five for a Fresh Face Mask (October 2016)

I’ve been doing pretty lengthy “Empties” posts (which you can check out HERE). These have included the used up Lush pots that I save up in order to trade them in for a free face mask. Instead of hoarding them all to include with the Empties posts, I decided from here on out to share them separately. I’ll still include the…

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