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So far, most of the writing I’ve shared on here has been on the short side. To be honest, I actually find short stories to be the hardest to write. I get too invested in the characters and their world. Short stories generally end without being able to explore all that. I mean, they could turn into a series of short stories… but then, they might as well just be chapters in a novel.

My goal has always been to be a novelist, and while publishing a collection of short stories or a memoir would be pretty cool too, novels are where my heart and dreams lay.

But the problem with an online portfolio is that you can’t share anything with the intention of getting it professionally published one day. The second you post something to the internet, it is considered published and thus often not eligible for publication, especially when there’s a clause disallowing “previously published work”.

The closest thing I have to a novel online, is my Digimon fanfiction. Yes, you read that right. Before you back away with a slight look of terror in your eyes and close this window, hear me out.

Fanfiction has a pretty bad rep. Even I know this. To be honest though, there’s some really great ones out there. You just have to read a lot of REALLY bad ones, and eventually you’ll stumble across some gems.

If you’re not familiar with Digimon, or just have a vague memory of watching it as a kid, it’s a game changer. It was my favourite show growing up and it always just stuck with me. The characters, themes, and the concept of different universes just won me over and I’ve kept it close to my heart ever since.

The “Adventure” universe is the focus of seasons one and two, and the newest series that was just released last year. Season one and two were dubbed into English and released in North America and are probably the best known seasons of the series.

To sum it up, season one (Adventure) focuses are seven (eventually eight) kids who end up in the Digital World where they meet their Digimon partners, go on a wild adventure, build lots of character and fight evil Digimon to save both the Digital and their/ our world. They are known as the Digidestined.

Season two (Zero Two or 02) occurs a couple years later and centres around a new Digidestined team comprised of the two youngest of the original eight, and three (eventually four) newcomers.  The older kids take turns helping them out and again, they save the world(s).

Digimon Tri is a bit different as it is released in parts, with the first being shown in November 2015, the second in March 2016, and an upcoming one in September 2016 with three more expected after that. It’s has only been released in Japanese so far, and I’ve been keeping up via the streaming site CrunchyRoll (shoutout to Maddie for letting me use her account, you da best, lady ♥) which provides them with English subtitles.  Tri is focusing on the original eight kids a couple years after the events of Zero Two, but the plot has been thickened regarding the 02 kids haha.

So my fanfiction, Another Line, focuses on the twelve Digidestined of the Adventure/ 02 universe. It was started in 2010 where the concept of Tri was only a figment of my hopes and dreams at that point, so despite it taking place in a similar timeline that Tri does, it is unrelated.

I understand that it is exponentially less enjoyable to read a fanfiction where you are not invested in, or at least familiar with the series it is based on but I would LOVE if you would check mine out. I’ll give a quick rundown of the main characters, which could function as a little mini reading guide… like how some novels have maps or family trees at the beginning. Of course, feel free to skip it if you’re already familiar… or if you normally skip those things anyway and come back to them halfway through the book when the confusion is too much to handle. I’m guilty.

Just an aside for those who are familiar with the series, while I mostly use the original names, my characterization leans more towards that of the dub.

Taichi “Tai” Yagami: (his last name is Kamiya in the North American adaptation of the show) is the show’s fearless leader. He is headstrong, stubborn, and courageous, often running into the face of danger without looking back. However, his brashness and seemingly boundless optimism gets the group into trouble and can cause problems with the other kids, especially Matt. He does struggle with a lot of things and can doubt his ability as a leader, but he is without a doubt the glue that holds the group together. Tai is insanely protective of his younger sister, and this brings forth a lot of insecurity as his instinct to protect her often puts his own safety at risk. Regardless of anything, he truly loves all his friends and would do anything to protect them. In Zero Two he passes on the torch… or goggles as it were, to Daisuke/ Davis. He is a bit reluctant to pass his leadership role, but is often there as support for the new team. Tai is a talented soccer player and lives, along with his sister, with his parents who are enthusiastic, energetic and very supportive of their kids, although it’s subtly implied that they dote on Kari a bit more. Tai and Sora were friends, neighbours and teammates as children and were very close in season one, but Sora ends up choosing Matt over Tai in 02. Tai’s partner Agumon, has primarily fire related powers. Tai has the crest of courage.




Yamato “Matt” Ishida: The “Lone Wolf” character, Matt provides a lot of conflict in the first season as he struggles with being part of the team. He tries hard to protect his younger brother, TK, but feels insecure when TK bonds with other members of the group, especially Tai with whom he shares a consistent rivalry, but a simultaneous close bond. He’s a pretty complicated fella. Matt is moody and angsty and often goes off to brood and play his harmonica. However, he is able to be more in tune with others emotionally, and can identify with them that way. In this, he is the antithesis to Tai. He has a close relationship with his father but moreso like friends than father/ son. While Matt struggles with being part of the team he does truly care for all his friends. In 02, Matt has become more confident and easy going. He plays bass for the band, The Teenage Wolves, and has a fanbase to go with it. He and Takeru have gotten much closer and while Matt can still put him in his place, Matt and Tai are best friends. I guess when you punch each other enough, you beat the enemy out of frenemy. Though complicated, Matt is a really great and complex character. Throughout 02 it is implied that he and Sora are dating. Matt’s partner Digimon is Gabumon, whose powers are ice-based. Matt holds the crest of Friendship.




Sora Takenouchi: Sora begins the series as a tomboy. She is often the mediator between Tai and Matt’s many arguments, and is the mother figure of the group. She lives with her mom but they have a very strained relationship until they make up in the Myotismon arc. She is quite stubborn and although protective of the others, struggles with confidence over her own value to the group. In season two, Sora has grown very close with her mother and works in the flower shop when she can. Her childhood love of soccer shifts to tennis and overall she is much more girly than she was in the first season. She is helpful and supportive of the new Digidestined team. Biyomon, Sora’s partner has wind and poison based attacks. Sora has the crest of Love.




Jyou “Joe” Kido: Oh Joe. Although he is the oldest Digidestined, Joe is the neurotic, allergic to everything, panicky, pessimist. But he is just so lovable. He delivers some of the funniest lines in the first season and frequently has moments where he wants to save the day, and it ends up going awry but working out in the end. Joe’s family puts a great deal of pressure on him to be a doctor, but the queasy, anxious kid has a lot of trouble with that. He has two older brothers in the original (Shou and Shin) but the dub condenses them into one character, Jim. His brother/ brothers are overall really supportive of him and understanding of the pressure their parents (who are never seen? Except for one shot that might have been them in Tri?) put on him. 02 Joe has mellowed out, A LOT. He still has his panicky moments and is consistently over-prepared, but has matured immensely and the younger kids, especially Yolei/ Miyako, take a strong liking to him. He spends a lot of time with entrance exams and studying, but still makes himself available when the team needs him. Gomamon is Joe’s Digimon partner and has powers dealing with water. Joe has the crest of Reliability.




Mimi Tachikawa: Also known as “Princess Mimi”, she first comes off as a bit of a hyper-feminine spoiled brat, but proves herself to be a strong and optimistic character who loves her friends and family. She is an only child and lives with her parents who are almost embarrassingly lovey-dovey (and kind of clueless) but truly adore their daughter. In the second season Mimi has moved with her parents to New York, but comes back a couple times to help the new Digidestined team and see her friends. With each of these visits she sports a different hairstyle: from her natural wavy light brown, starry bubblegum pink, to fluffy pigtails. New York has toughened Mimi up and she becomes more of a take-no-nonsense character, and shares a pretty strong bond with Miyako/ Yolei. Mimi’s partner Digimon is Palmon, whose attacks are related to plants. Mimi has the crest of Sincerity.



Koushiro “Izzy” Izumi: Izzy starts out the show being a true-blue computer nerd. He is constantly with his laptop which is a constant source of help to the team but more of a coping mechanism for Izzy to stay detached from situations and not get emotionally involved. Throughout the season he learns to live beyond the screen and although still is heavily involved with computer science, is a strong member of the Digidestined and tries his best to help and be there for his friends in whatever capacity that is. Izzy’s family story is one of the most emotional ones, as he discovers that he is adopted by overhearing his parents talking one night. His birth parents died in a car crash when he was a baby and a couple related to his father adopted him. It is revealed that this is why Izzy distances himself and uses his computer as an emotional shield, but during the Myotismon arc realizes how much he loves and appreciates his parents, and tells them that they will always be his real mom and dad (cue gross ugly sobbing). Izzy’s mom is one of the most involved and endearing parents of the Digidestined, especially in season two when she is always bringing the kids different treats. In 02 Izzy is the most involved out of the original kids. He essentially mans the control centre where the portal to the Digiworld is, and his room functions as a base camp where the group gathers to make plans. Tentomon, Izzy’s partner digimon is an insect-type digimon with electrical powers. Izzy has the crest of Knowledge.




Takeru “T.K.” Takaishi: TK is Matt’s younger brother. Their parents divorced so TK lives with their mother, and Matt with their father. TK has a pretty close relationship with his mother, a journalist. For the first half of Adventure, he is the youngest Digidestined and acts the part of the cute crybaby. Out of everyone, he takes the evil doings of villains the hardest, and often struggles with this, especially in 02. When he’s older, he has obviously matured quite a bit and has developed a pretty good sense of humour. He and Matt have grown a lot closer and have more of a mutual, traditional brother relationship rather than the protector/ protected roles they played in the first season. Takeru and Kari have a very strong bond throughout the series and are very close. Takeru has the crest (and later Digiegg) of Hope and his partner is Patamon.

symbol12 Digimental_hope



Hikari “Kari” Yagami: (Again, her last name is Kamiya in the N.A. dub) Kari is Tai’s younger sister, and they share a very strong bond. She was originally supposed to go to camp with her brother and the others but as she was a pretty sickly child, had to stay home. Eventually it is discovered that she is the eighth child, so the Digidestined have to save her from the clutches of Myotismon and she joins the team about halfway through the season. Kari has the crest (and Digiegg, in season 2) of Light and there is a lot of mystery surrounding her. In the first season many Digimon call her “Queen Kari”, and she is possessed by a Digimon spirit. In 02 she is taken to the Dark Ocean, an alternate dimension that was just really spooky and filled with dark shadowy Digimon. No real answers were ever given to why she was taken there or what exactly it is, so that’s one of the great Digimon mysteries. Kari is a sweet, level-headed, mild-mannered, optimistic girl who is loving and inclusive of everyone. In 02 she becomes a bit of a sassy flirt and has a passion for photography. Kari’s partner digimon is the cat-like Gatomon (Tailmon in the original).

Crest_Light Digimental_light



Daisuke “Davis” Motomiya: Daisuke/ Davis is the leader of the 02 Digidestined team. He is overly-energetic, passionate, and determined. He is a spontaneous and headstrong, act first, think later kind of person but undeniably loyal and loving towards his friends. Davis lives with his parents and older sister, Jun. Davis plays soccer, is known to be quite good and really looks up to Tai. Throughout most of the season he has a very obvious crush on Kari and this spawns a rivalry with Takeru that lasts most of the series. A significant difference between the new kids and original group is that Davis, Yolei, and Cody don’t technically have crests but Digieggs (or Digimentals) that represent traits they share with the older original Digidestined. Davis is the holder of the Digieggs of Courage and Friendship and later the Digiegg of Miracles as well, which functions as his own unique crest. Veemon is Davis’ partner Digimon.

Digimental_courage Digimental_friendship Digimental_miraclesinsect0015


Miyako “Yolei” Inoue: Miyako/ Yolei is the oldest of the 02 Digidestined. She lives with her parents, two older sisters, and older brother. She is computer smart and can be impulsive, hyper, and boy-crazy. She and Davis/ Daisuke have an ongoing brother/sister rivalry and she acts as a nurturing older sister to Cody/ Iori, as they grew up in the same building and seem to be quite close even before 02 takes place. Her and Kari are close despite being quite the opposites of one another, and she has a comfortable friendship with TK/ Takeru.  She has a crush on Ken, which dissipates when she finds out he is the Digimon Emperor but seems to reappear near the end of the season and in the epilogue they are revealed to be married with three kids. Miyako can be moody but is generally compassionate, outgoing, and friendly. She is the holder of the Digieggs of Love and Sincerity and her partner is Hawkmon.

Digimental_love Digimental_purity



Iori “Cody” Hida: Iori is the youngest of the Adventure universe Digidestined. However, he is the most serious and definitely is wise beyond his years. Iori is the most hesitant to let Ken join the Digidestined, showing his stubborn nature. He was raised by his mother and grandfather, and possesses the Digieggs of Knowledge and Reliability. Iori also shares a bond with one of the villains at the end of the season after finding out that he (Yukio Oikawa, pictured, who dies at the end of the series) was best friends with Iori’s deceased father. Armadillomon is his partner digimon.

Digimental_knowledge Digimental_reliability



Ken Ichijouji: Ken is one of the most interesting characters of the series. 02 begins with him as the villain, The Digimon Emperor (Kaiser in the original). He is the literal definition of villain: abusing his Digimon partner (Wormmon), determined to destroy the Digidestined, and has no problem hurting or killing whoever/ whatever gets in his way. It is later discovered that he was implanted with the dark spore which turned him evil and emphasized his traits so he was super-humanly smart and athletic. After Ken realizes his wrongdoings he is filled with self-deprecating remorse and constantly trying to make up for his past and redeem himself. He also deals with a great deal of guilt regarding his older brother’s (Sam/ Osamu) death as a child. He is in fact a very soft-spoken, kind person with a subtle sense of humour that most people don’t see. He becomes very close to his parents, who are literally the sweetest people. Ken, like Kari, has been to the Dark Ocean and is haunted by it’s presence as well. As a flashback we see that this is where his identity as the Digimon Emperor starts to take form. Ken has the crest/ digiegg of Kindness.

Crest_kindness Digimental_kindness

antihero0006  oldenemy0048

Wallace: Wallace is a Digidestined from Colorado who only appears in Digimon the Movie/ Hurricane Touchdown & The Golden Digimentals and one of the CD dramas. He is flirty with the girls but otherwise pretty serious, determined and stubborn. He and Davis butt heads and Wallace teases him, but they do end up developing a friendship. Wallace originally has two Digimon partners, twins Lopmon and Terriermon. Lopmon is infected by a virus and becomes Chocomon, which is the main plot/ conflict of the movie(s) Wallace is involved in. He is the holder of the Digiegg of Destiny and his name is Willis in the dub.




Catherine: During an arc of 02 the Digidestined pair off and travel to different countries to assist international Digidestined with evil Digimon that have invaded. Catherine is the French Digidestined, who Tai and TK team up to help. TK and Matt’s grandparents live in France, and with the help of his grandfather they track down Catherine and help her and her partner Digimon, Floramon. Both boys are quite smitten with the pretty French girl.



Any other characters that are introduced are “OCs”, or “Original Characters” which means I made them up for the purpose of this story.

I hope this helps, even though it’s a pretty quick summary on the existing characters. I definitely recommend watching the series, even just for nostalgia if nothing else.

Despite the usual embarrassment or shame some people usually associate with Fanfictions, I am actually really proud of this guy and I hope you give it a shot! I recently re-posted the Fanfiction on WattPad as the site I was using previously has unfortunately started to become irrelevant. As such, I am editing it so I can finally post the ending I’ve been planning for six years. It would mean so much to me as I worked hard on this story and I think it’s a great example of my writing and world-building skills. I’d absolutely love to hear what you think! Thank you so, so much in advance!! 🙂

Note: WattPad requires an account to read, but it literally takes like thirty seconds to sign up. Also, their app is phenomenal. WattPad provides a forum to read and share a whole bunch of great stories written by novice writers around the world. Some of the stories (even Fanfictions) have even gone on to be professionally published, which is a huge feat for being “previously published” online. Reading this story on here helps me get attention as a writer, and one step closer to my ultimate goal. I’ll add the chapters as I edit them! Thank you so very much again, you have no idea how much any support means to me! 🙂


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