I’ve always thought #FBF (Flashback Friday) was kind of redundant coming right after #TBT (Throwback Thursday), but as luck would have it I’m the person who ALWAYS thinks of something or finds something for Throwback Thursday… on Friday. So with that said, Flashback Friday actually works out really well for me!

I’ve been cleaning the top of my closet where I keep my “I don’t know where else to put this” belongings, which includes my binder collection. Yeah, I know.

Photo 2016-05-06, 8 03 08 PM

This guy was the thing that pretty much started me on making collages. It’s one of my dad’s old vinyl binders which I covered in lime green wrapping paper (naturally), accenting it with hot pink luggage ribbon (as you do), and finishing it off with “Adrianna’s Stuff” written in ransom note style magazine letters.


“Adrianna’s Stuff” was the name of the folder on our family computer where I housed all my… well, stuff. I still have it on my computer now! Everything is stored in there… from quotes to stories to MSN Messenger display pictures to screenshots of the patterns that Windows Media Player made when I played my music. The early 2000’s were a wild time.

vortex blue

pink vortex

This binder was the physical edition of the “Written Things” section of that folder. I printed out every document off my computer, hole punched it, and organized them into the same subcategories that were in the computer file. I was a very meticulous twelve-year-old.


While I still have most of those documents saved on my computer, it’s nice because I lost quite a few of the stories I wrote back then when the family computer crashed, but still have some of the physical copies in here. It functions as a portfolio and I added to it a couple times over the years.

Photo 2016-05-06, 8 03 30 PM

My “title page” in the binder is a clear sleeve with a collage (naturally), focusing on a couple poems I wrote. I thought since all the writing I’ve posted so far on here has been short stories, I’d branch out and in the spirit of #FBF, bring back a poem I wrote when I was in grade seven.

Basically I had the idea for a story where a girl had a summer romance and she was in some horrible amnesia causing accident, moved away, and years later they met up again and the guy from the aforementioned summer romance had to help her remember who she was. I have always been pretty dramatic. I started with a poem and then later wrote the story around it, but anyway… here’s that poem that I wrote out on lined paper with multi-coloured pens back in 2003.

So that’s my throwback/ flashback for the week! Obviously it’s not to be taken totally seriously as a reflection of my writing prowess, but twelve-year-old me was very proud of this haha. The rest of the binder is filled with varying degrees of written embarrassment but it is nice to be able to look back and think about how far I have come!

Thanks so much for reading!


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